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Nick: Jecht
Nick: Jecht
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Image
Lieutenant Nelson Thaddeus Jecht
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 21 to 24
   Height: 186 - 193 cm
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light Brown, Short, Longish Bangs, Disheveled from working
Skin: Average Human
Build/Posture: Athletic
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Nelson Thaddeus Jecht
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Chief Engineer of the USS Odyssey
Core Grade: O02
Sim: USS Odyssey

Biography for Lieutenant Nelson Thaddeus Jecht

**Starfleet Personell File: Jecht, Nelson T.** 

Basic Information

Name: Nelson Thaddeus Jecht
Race: Human
Age: 22
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Engineer
Posting: USS Odyssey

Physical Data

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Light Tan

Family Information

Mother: Marianne Jecht (formerly O'Rourke)
Father: Thomas Jecht
Siblings: Sister, Lillian Jecht- Age 17

Physical Description

Nelson Jecht is a physically fit human of just slightly above average height. He keeps in shape through staying busy on the ship, lightly supplemented by mild work-outs. Light brown hair is often combed back, though on occasion it is known to become disheveled in the fashion of overworked engineers. While not unhandsome, Jecht's often cynical or sour expressions make him seem less attractive. His face is typically clean-shaven save for the occasional all-nighter, and light green eyes usually seem alert and attentive to his surroundings.

Biographical Information

Nelson Jecht initially applied to join Starfleet at 18 years of age, but he washed out of the academy and fell back on other pursuits for a year. It was only the monotony of every day life on Earth, working a normal job, that drove him to re-apply to Starfleet. While he never shined at the academy, he never fell too far behind either. In the end, he graduated in the middle of his class. Instructors always tried to push Jecht a little harder, but in the end seeming average was good enough for him. He spent as much time going out and partying as he did studying, and most of his classmates didn't think he'd last long at a posting.

They were right, but for the wrong reasons. Jecht's initial posting was to Utopia Planetia, and while he'd had a fairly carefree attitude at Starfleet Academy, he quickly shook himself of most of his poor habits once on assignment. That wasn't to say he wasn't still fond of drinking and gambling when time and leave permitted it, but by and large Starfleet suddenly seemed to suit Jecht very well. As an engineering cadet, Jecht's highest marks came in classes having to do with power flow, power regulation, and power transferrence. As an ensign at Utopia Planetia he was assigned to teams that set up power in ships, working on such various things as EPS conduits and relays, ODNS Relays, power transfer arrays and so on. Between his marks at Starfleet Academy and his hands on experience, Jecht has developed a keen sense of how to keep power running even under the worst circumstances.

Of course, not everything went well for Jecht while he was at Utopia Planetia. An ambitious project manager created a small team which included Jecht and put them on an assignment to put in a new power array in a small, experimental science vessel. This vessel, tentatively dubbed the USS Surveyor, was calibrated with some of the most advanced sensor technology Starfleet had put together. While the technology was originally designed for Deep Space stations or large ships, High Command wanted to see if it could be outfitted on a smaller vessel that would attract less attention. Jecht studied the plans and filed several reports that stated the power array that was called for would put too much strain on several key points and would barely sustain itself before shorting out. As Jecht was only an ensign his points were often dismissed, and Jecht clashed more than once with supervisors. It also didn't help that the project leader, Commander Darren Reaves, was solely focused on impressing Starfleet in the hopes that he would be promoted to Captain and be given command of this new ship.

Jecht was probably the only person not surprised when a cascade failure nearly tore the ship apart. He was, however, the only person surprised when he was taken in by Starfleet security for attempted Sabotage. Over the course of his court martial Jecht was accused by Reaves of purposefully attempting to sabotage the ship in order to prove himself right and make a name for himself. While Jecht's flippant attitude and smart mouth did him no favors, the evidence was on his side. He produced detailed duty logs of all the areas he worked on that proved towards the end of construction he was not even allowed to go near any of the areas his reports had stressed would fail. In effect, Reaves own orders regarding security were so effective, there was no way a lone ensign with grudge could have sabotaged the ship. Reaves was embarassed and reprimanded but not stripped of command, as in the end everyone had simply been following design specifications.

Some believe were it not for the incident involving the now scrapped USS Surveyor, Jecht was in line to be promoted. His attitude towards direct authority has also changed, and while he is often respectful to those of higher rank, he appears to distrust those that immediately supervise him. Still, up until his transfer to the Odyssey his work remained satisfactory at worst, and more often than not was exemplary.

Since coming aboard the Odyssey, Jecht has found his particular engineering talents more useful than he ever thought he would right from the start. In an incident involving a take-over of the Odyssey by an alien force he used his tricorder to create a bomb that overloaded the controls of the small cell occupied by himself and fellow Ensign, Theseus Mardill. While Mardill provided the brawns, Jecht provided the brains, and between the two of them they were able to liberate the Bridge from alien control and from there taking the ship back became simple.

During an incident involving a device intended to make a star go Supernova, Jecht was instrumental in recalibrating the shields to a Metaphasic type that could withstand the heat of the Sun's corona in order for the Odyssey to get a better look at the device. Not long after that incident Jecht was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and immediately put to the test on a day where he helped lead teams throughout the Jeffries tubes to create a working warp field after the ship had sustained heavy damage from undetectable mines, nearly burned his arm off making a last minute adjustment, visited sickbay, then was sent onto the hull of the ship to help dislodge an unexploded mine, and then finally settled into routine maintenance of all the patchwork engineering he'd help set up at the beginning of the ordeal.

Jecht has also been selected as a technical expert on several away missions, and while he tends to by a little chatty and nervous more often than not, deep down he generally has what it takes to get the job done.

As Acting Chief Engineer, Jecht has overseen the various repairs and upgrades to the Odyssey, and in the process greatly expanded his already considerable knowledge of the ship.  After completing a series of secondary systems tests across the ship, and driving Ops crazy in the process, he was finally promoted to Lieutenant and fully instated as the Chief Engineer of the Odyssey.  Testing has become more mild and more announced as a result.  Only some believe this was a coincidence.

Most recently Jecht was put to the test in his new duties when on SD 201303.23 the Odyssey picked up a creature later identified as a Mirror Gecko.  Originally from Theta 4, the mirror gecko is a unique creature that usually resembles an Iguana from earth, but its body is covered in mirror like scales.  They have the ability to absorb ambient energy or 'eat it', as Jecht found out when he tried to stun it with a phaser after discovering it in the Jeffries Tubes.  Having been feeding off the ships energy, it became agitated when it started to be too big to fit through the tubes.  Its violent release of built up energy caused extensive damage throughout engineering before the creature could be subdued and returned home.

On the heels of this event, Engineering worked around the clock to prepare for a joint mission alongside the USS Hermes to save Starbase 4.  Jecht worked alongside Theseus Mardil to create a defense net, integrating Starbase 4's shields as well as those of the fleet to create a more united front.  Working on minimal sleep thanks to the still undergoing repairs, only when Starbase 4 was saved could Jecht finally rest.  However, the battle at Starbase 4 was not without loss, and Jecht felt some of the weight of the destruction of the USS Southerland and USS Audacity on his shoulders thanks to his idea to Ionize the net and 'pop' it to disable the enemy ships.  While the action likely did more harm than good, things like that are never easy to swallow.

Physical Status: In Good Condition
Mental Status: Settling in well, but showing some increasing signs of stress, such as more errant behavior than usual.


201109.17 Graduated Starfleet, Promoted to Ensign*
201109.19 Assigned to Utopia Planetia*
201204.09 Court Martialled for Attempted Sabotage*
201204.12 Acquitted of all charges and returned to duty*
201205.12 Assigned to the USS Odyssey
201207.14 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
201301.12 Named Acting Chief Engineer of the USS Odyssey
201303.09 Promoted to Lieutenant, fully instated as Chief Engineer of the USS Odyssey
201304.02 Co-created the Defense Net of Starbase 4 alongside Theseus Mardil
201304.13 Awarded the Research & Development Medallion for part in creation of the Starbase 4 Defense Net

*(These events are part of the backstory and did not take place in any USF sim.) 

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