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Nick: Jayde
Nick: Jayde
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Lieutenant Commander Image
Lieutenant Commander Mahala Koyu Jayde
   Species: Human
   Gender: Female
   Age: 26 to 30
   Height: 168 - 175 cm
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dark Brown, Long, usually braided in pony tail or pig tails
Skin: Tan
Build/Posture: Athletic; strong
Accessories: Usually wears feather/bead necklace and feather in her hair
Vocal Quality: Smooth, calm, mezo-soprano
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Mahala Koyu Jayde
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position/Occupation: Acting Executive Officer, Command and Chief of Security, Security/Tactical
Core Grade: O05
Sim: USS Ares

Biography for Lieutenant Commander Mahala Koyu Jayde

First Lieutenant Mahala Koyu Jayde



Ship: USS Ares

Assignment: Tactical/Security

Rank: First Lieutenant


Name: Mahala Koyu Jayde

Age: 30

Species: Kianawan

Home Planet: Kianawa "Peaceful Renewal"

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 170 lbs

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Dark brown, long; slightly wavy

Planet History:

The Kianawan people migrated from their original home-planet six centuries ago. Those that chose to leave believed the inhabitants of that world had become too greedy and drifted far from the teachings of the founding fathers. The hearts of the others had lost their love for the Great Creator and lost their respect for land and each other. Technology and possession became more important than their traditions or faith. The people who became known as the Kianawan followed the guidance of Chieftain Miakamae who had been visited by the Great Creator in a dream. He was guided to take as many people that would follow off the land in search for a world of promise and joy. The new world would bring them spiritual renewal and peace.

Miakamae followed the guidance of the Great Creator to Kianawa, the land of peaceful renewal. Here he helped his people settle. The Kianawan people rededicated their lives to the Great Creator and his Spirits. They returned to the traditions of the fathers, and focused on their faith and devotion to their God. They did not renounce technology completely, but they chose to use technology as a tool or an aid rather than a necessity. They respected the land and each other, and worked daily to prove their gratitude to their God. For their obedience, the Great Creator blessed them with something that would strengthen their unity with the Spirits, and enlighten the people as a whole--the ability to "join" with their spirit animal. The joining gave them great strength, and bestowed upon each of them unique abilities that came from their spirit animal as well as greater health. The Kianawan proved they were ready for such a great gift by using the abilities to serve each other and the Great Creator.

The Kianawan people lived a peaceful life for nearly six centuries before their planet came under attack by a ruthless enemy with powerful technology. The people fought back as best they could, however their chosen simpler lifestyle made it difficult to fight such powerful technology. The Chieftain Tiakam told his people that deliverance had been promised by the Great Creator, and ordered a distress call to be sent out.

A Starfleet ship answered their call and saved the Kianawan people from being destroyed. The Kianawan people were grateful for the rescue and over the next several years learned much about the Federation of Planets and its protecting force called Starfleet. Kianawa was added to the Federation of Planets in 2375, five years after they were saved by the Starfleet ship.

Personal History:

Jayde gained her full name at the age of 12 when she completed her rite of passage earning her the privilege to join with her spirit animal. She survived living on her own for 90 days in the wilderness of Kianawa with no technology and nothing but the clothes on her back and her kaoke "spirit bundle". She had to rely fully on the Spirits, the guidance of her spirit animal, and the knowledge and skills she had learned up to that point about survival. She created shelters out of the materials of the land, built weapons to defend herself against the wildlife, and hunted for food--all the while thanking the land and the Spirits for allowing her to use such resources. Upon returning home she completed the spirit ritual that joined her to her spirit animal. At the end of the ritual she was bestowed with the name Mahala Koyu which in her native tongue means "Storm Warrior".

The name fit Jayde as she had always been strong willed, daring, and ready to stand her ground. She was number 5 of 6 children and the only daughter. She did not let the fact that she was a girl keep her from doing pretty much everything her brothers did; which led her to trouble on more than one occasion--notwithstanding she never backed down from a challenge. She had the heart of a Tiger, long before she was joined with her spirit animal. At age 10 she lost her mother and two of her brothers in the devastating attack by the aliens. Starfleet aided her people in rebuilding their cities and gave medical aid to the survivors.

The idea of joining Starfleet and exploring the universe called to Jayde's adventurous spirit. She learned all she could about the Federation as she grew older, and always had the idea in her mind that she would join Starfleet as soon as she felt she no longer had the obligation to stay and tend to her family.

At age 25, Jayde finally got her chance to join Starfleet, and four years later she accepted her first post on the USS Raidon as a tactical/security officer. Her strong survival skills, her ability to lead with authority and confidence, and her dedicated hard work quickly earned her way up the positions in the tactical department. She became the instructor for all the survival and tactical training classes after only a few months, and was promoted to Lieutenant within five months of working her post.

Jayde is respected in her field, yet does not let her position go to her head. She respects her crewmates and dedicates herself to serving the crew and the Federation.

After one year of service on the USS Raidon she was promoted to First Lieutenant and soon thereafter received orders to transfer to the USS Ares where she will continue her service as a Tactical/Security officer. She accepted the transfer with an open mind and looks forward to what challenges this new journey will bring her.


Jayde is a 'joined' Kianawan. She is one with her spirit animal, which is actually an energy being. This joining is similar to a Trill joining, only it is an energy being that is joined to the humanoid and not a physical symbiot. With this joining, Jayde gains special abilities that comes from the energy being. Her spirit animal is a Tiger named "Tala", and when called upon Jayde can take on the strength of a tiger, the senses of a tiger, or the speed of a tiger. Tala can also appear in corporeal form (yet still be connected in energy, mind and spirit with Jayde), when extra protection is needed for Jayde. However, going to corporeal form takes a lot of energy and so it does not happen often, and usually only in dire circumstances. Jayde communicates with Tala through dreams or vision quests, although she always feels Tala's presence within her and sometimes senses emotions or obtains a thought that can be contributed to Tala.

The energy being also gives Jayde's body great healing abilities, and prolongs her life. She heals quickly from injury, has a strong immunity against disease or pathogens, and has an energy reserve level 50x that of a human. As long as Jayde takes care of herself and doesn't die of unnatural causes, her life expectancy is several centuries plus. The actual age that a joined Kianawan will die is unknown, as no Kianawan who has been joined has reached that level yet.

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