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Nick: JarolineJar
Nick: JarolineJar
Nick: JarolineJar
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Commander Jaroline Frances Jar
Ret. USF Host
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Jaroline Frances Jar
Title/Rank: Commander
Position/Occupation: First Officer
Core Grade: O06
Sim: USS Odyssey

Biography for Commander Jaroline Frances Jar

NAME: Commander Jaroline Frances Jar

RACE: Terran

GENDER: Female

AGE: 43

HEIGHT: 5'3"


HAIR: Brown (cut short)

EYES: Blue


PARENTS: Father: Christansen Daniel Macken

Mother: Penny Kay Macken

DAUGHTER: Sandra Ann Jar (Deceased)

Jar was born in the providence of New Castle. She was an average gal and loved the world around her. She was good kid and did well in school. She was always helping out injured critters that she found. She had found a very young bird that was featherless and had a broken leg from her cat capturing it from its nest. She repaired its leg with tape and a tooth pic. She then raised it until it was old enough to fly away. At this point the bird didn't wish to leave and became her pet. She would also save many other animals that she came upon. With this love of treating injured things, she decided to go into medicine.

Jaroline Macken took her premed at a small college in her home town. She then took her medical doctrine training at Star fleet Medical. She decided with her love of treating injured and her interest in space she would do both with her career.

During her lesson at Star Fleet Medical she met up with her former husband. They were engaged and then married after she had completed her training. She then took up a post on Earth at Star Fleet medical for her internship. During this time she became pregnant and had a little girl.

When Sandra was 3 years old, Jar was called to duty on the USS Richard Galen. Thomas was ordered to Space Station 29 as a security officer. Both decided that Sandra would be better off staying with her father on the station rather than flying around in space with her mother. Jaroline would make frequent visits home to see her husband and daughter. One time Jaroline decided to take Sandra with her since she was going to be away for only a few weeks. She left word with her friend Nancy so her husband would not worry. Little did she know, Nancy and her husband had become involved.

One day as Jaroline returned on a shuttle to the Galen after a short mission, she was met by her Security Chief. She was placed under arrest and taken with the child back to Station 29. Here she was detained and charged with the Kidnapping of her daughter. A lawyer sent by the Galen to assist, then Lt. Cmdr Jar, with her trial uncovered the truth behind what was going on. He managed to get the charges dropped and the truth revealed. Nancy and Thomas where then the ones charged with conspiracy and fraud for falsifying documents.

Jaroline didn't want to stay on the station after all of this was over. She and her daughter moved once again back to where she had grown up. Since she was now an only parent, she felt she could not go back into space. She didn't what her daughter to grow up on a star ship. It was better here on Earth.

One day when Sandra was 15, she was going out with some friends after school. She was a great kid and at the top of her class. Her and her friends had gone into a shop for an afternoon snack after school. Sandra and her friends were standing at the counter waiting for their sodas when a man dressed in a dark coat came in the door. Sandra looked over seeing the man but paid no attention to him after that. Her and her friends left the building and where on their way home. All of a sudden Sandra and the others heard someone running up behind them. They turned to see the man in the dark coat aiming a phaser rifle at them. He screamed something and began firing. He managed to hit 3 of the 5 girls in the group. He wounded one in the leg, another in the arm and the third a critical shot in the chest. The gunman got away. A good Samaritan came alone, found the girls and called for help. All were taken to the Base Hospital.

Jaroline was on duty at the Base hospital on this day. She heard of the shootings and was heading for the ER when the girls were brought in. She started a quick triage of the patients, checking their wounds. She got to the chest wound and ordered the girl to immediate surgery, She then looked up at the girls face. She screamed when she saw it was Sandra. Another Doctor took over while the nurses tried to console Jaroline.

The two girls with the lesser of the injures made it through but Sandra had lost to much blood as well as the injury was to extensive to repair. She passed away a few hours after she was brought in.

After several months of recuperation time and being alone Jaroline picked herself up by her boot straps and decided that she needed to get back to work. Since she had no one left on Earth she decided to return to Star Fleet and asked for a post on a vessel once more. She was asked to also consider taking the test for command status. She did and passed with flying colors, this giving her a Commander title. She then went back working at the hospital waiting for HQ to send her word of her placement.

Jaroline received word that she was to meet the USS Odyssey at Star Base 210 on 090321.

Jarloine became acting CO of the USS Odyssey on 121222 with the retirement of Captian Crelak. She wasn't happy with this. She had grown to like him very much and considered him to be her closest friend. She would do her best to follow in his footsteps and be as good of a captain as he was and make him proud of her.

Promoted to Captain on 140329 Given Command of the USS Odyssey. Demoted to Commander by taking a plea deal during a pre court marshal hearing. 150613.

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