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Nick: JMarkson
Nick: JMarkson
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Captain Image
Captain Jake Markson
USF Host
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 34 to 36
   Height: 15 - 15 cm
Eyes: Blueish
Hair: Black, Short
Build/Posture: Muscular, Normal
Vocal Quality: Baritone
Duty Status: Active
Name: Jake Markson
Title/Rank: Captain
Position/Occupation: Commanding Officer
Core Grade: O07
Sim: USS Ares

Biography for Captain Jake Markson

Background Info

Jake Markson


Jake was the only son of Louis and Sheila Markson. Louis was an instructor at Starfleet Academy San Francisco, teaching celestral mechanics. Sheila was one of the Academy's counselors. They lived in the instructors housing on campus.

Jake was born August 19th, 2339.

From an early age, Jake spent a majority of his early life hanging around the Academy. It became his playground. Since Jake spent so much of his early life there, he became an unofficial mascot for many of the Academy's teams.

Jake was allowed to sit in on many classes at the Academy. While most of the work was too advanced for him to fully understand, he did start to understand most of the lessons.

The Academy had a school for children of the instructors, and Jake quickly became one of the more gifted students.

His natural abilities allowed him to skip several grades and graduate with honors from the Academy's grade and middle schools.

Jake was admitted to the University of California, Berkeley, at age 16, where he studied aerospace studies, astronomy, engineering and liberal arts.

He graduated 5 years later with degrees and astronomy and liberal arts.

He was admitted to Starfleet Academy, and selected the Security and Command courses.

The five years he attended the Academy, he always made the Dean's List.

He joined the track team and the wrestling team.


Upon graduation, age 26, he was assigned to the USS Tundra as a junior security officer, rank of ensign. His performance reviews enabled him to rise to the rank of lieutenant junior grade.

Two years later, age 28, he was reassigned to the USS Topeka as the assistant chief security officer, where he was promoted to lieutenant.

At age 30, he was assigned to the USS Hawkins as security chief and second officer.

Two years later, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and named the ship's First Officer.

While on the Hawkins, he received numerous citations for bravery and for duty above and beyond the call.

At age 33, he was promoted to Captain and given the command of the USS Lyon.


In 2374, Starfleet Command sent the Lyon deep into Dominion held space on a covert mission to the Talarian system to determine the strength of the Jem Hadar forces.


Evading enemy forces, the Lyon managed to get deep into enemy territory and send back valuable intel, until they were detected. Three Jem Hadar ships attacked the Lyon, and after a fierce and bloody battle, the Jem Hadar ships were destroyed, but the Lyon lost more then half of her 374 crew and severe battle damage.

With no choice, Captain Markson ordered the crew to abandon ship.

Before leaving the ship, Captain Markson jettison the ship's logs, when went to the hanger deck and boarded one of the runabouts.

Using the Lyon's supply of runabouts to tow the escape pods, the survivors were able to get far enough away when the Lyon's warp core exploded.

One of the runabouts was designated the command ship.

Two others were medical ships.

Three were for defense.

And there were 57 2 person lifepods.


The journey took 9 months. Food and water were rationed. Supplies were found on some of the planets they found.


By the 10th month, 3 rescue ships arrived.

Captain Markson was told that the war with the Dominion was over.


The wounded Lyon crew were taken aboard one of the starships.


A memorial was held for those who didn't return....including the Lyon's chief medical officer....Captain Markson's fiance.


Once the rescue ship's returned to Earth, Markson was met by Admiral Aaron Hathaway, Star Fleet Chief Of Operations.

The admiral had the sad task of telling Markson that his parents were killed during the Breen attack on San Francisco. Markson was allowed to visit their memorial.


Hathaway also had to inform the captain that there would be an investigation into the destruction of the Lyon, to determine if anything incorrect happened to cause it's loss...purely a matter of routine.


When the tribunal was over, it was determined that Captain Jake Markson did not wrong and he was cleared of all charges.

When the trial was over, Jake informed the admiral that he was resigning his commission and leaving San Francisco immediately.


9 months later, Jake was living in a cabin set deep into the Canadian wilderness. The cabin was off the grid. All he had was a stove and a bed. He caught fish in the nearby stream. He used a bow and arrow to hunt small game. He grew a long beard, now streaked with grey.


One day, a runabout appeared and landed on the ground in front of his cabin. Jake watched through the window as the door opened and he saw the admiral emerge and walk towards the cabin.

The admiral knocked, but Jake didn't respond. So the admiral opened the unlocked door and walked in.

Hello Jake.”

Jake looked at him. “What do you want?”

I need you to take command of the starship Ares. Her command staff left us in a lurch. Your the only person I can trust to take over.”

Sorry admiral, I resigned.”

I never submitted the paperwork, as far as command is concerned, you've been on accumulated leave.”

Why you bastard.”

Gather your things, captain, we have an appointment with starfleet medical for your physical.”

Like hell I'll.....” The admiral had pressed his commbadge and the found themselves on the runabout.

This is kidnapping!”

Calm down captain. This is a direct order...and you will do this or spend the rest of your life in a penal colony.”


Days later, Captain Markson followed the admiral into the conference room on Utopia Plainitia.



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