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Nick: FanTon
Nick: FanTon
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Cmdr Oll Fen'Ton
   Species: Edosian
   Gender: Female
   Age: 25 to 30
   Height: 215 - 224 cm
Eyes: Green, Large almond
Skin: Light tan
Distinct Features: Head: boney/angular; Body: Tripidoil species
Build/Posture: Thin but solid, Slotching
Vocal Quality: Scratchy tenor
Telepathy: Slightly empathic
Duty Status: Active
Name: Oll Fen'Ton
Title/Rank: Cmdr
Position/Occupation: Freighter capt
Sim: Starbase Everest

Biography for Cmdr Oll Fen'Ton

Starbase Everest 201808.01
Cmdr. Fan’Ton
The Merchant Captain

Commander Fan’Ton left her last sip with her rucksack on her back. She set off for the freighter breakyard. She found the owner in his office and after tense negotiation used her life savings to buy the next freighter to be decommissioned by her owners at hs yard.
Her wait was not long in the course of a week a ship became available.

She started up the engines, and with a little help from the salvage team got the ship back into orbit of Starbase Phoenix. with the ship in a stable geosynchronous orbit she took the starboard lifeboat to the surface landing at the shiping office. She had to find crew and her first cargo. it was official she was now the captain of her own.

Her father had his own ship. She grew up on them and at age 18 entered the Edosian Merchant Shipping School. She completed a double major in engineering and command in three years. For the next nine years she served on a different class of merchantman every nine months to prepare for working on whatever vesel she could salvage when she turned 30. So far her plan had been successful

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