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Lieutenant Junior Grade Image
Lieutenant j.g. Dante Steel
   Species: He is Betazoid.
   Gender: He looks to be male.
   Age: 19 to 23
Eyes: He has black eyes., His eyes are round.
Hair: He has jet black hair., His hair is short with small curly locks.
Skin: He has pale white skin with freckles.
Distinct Features: Head: Dante's eyes seem to darken and turn black when his telepathic skills are taxed.
Body: Dante Steel has a small pink birthmark on his left forearm which is roughly the shape of a bladed weapon, possibly a knife or sword.
Build/Posture: He is tall and lean., Dante Steel stands with a warm and confident air and walks with a prideful strut.
Vocal Quality: His voice is both deep and friendly.
Telepathy: Dante Steel can read the thoughts and feelings of others.
Duty Status: Active
Name: Dante Steel
Title/Rank: Lieutenant j.g.
Position/Occupation: Engineer
Core Grade: O02
Sim: USS Excelsior

Biography for Lieutenant j.g. Dante Steel

Dante Steel, son of the third house, wielder of the Sacred sword, heir to the holy Tome of Betazed was born to his parents, Raphael Steel, an Ambassador in the diplomatic CORPS, and Serena Steel, whom also serves as a diplomat. Living in a modest, but palatial estate along the shores of the Opal Sea, Dante grew up in his father’s shadow, learning the fine art of diplomacy and politics from a very early age. The Steel Estate would often be the home of many lavish and extravagant parties where Serena, with her seductive demeanor and wit, would wear down her opposition with warm hospitality and intelligent insights and then her husband would subtly bring his rivals around to seeing his point of view without realizing they have even changed their minds. Dante somehow never seemed to care for the ways of the diplomat, viewing the intrigue and endless word play as petty and often pointless. One day, not long before Dante’s fifteenth birthday, he found himself sitting at the family dining table, bored and frustrated at yet another diplomatic function. It could have been a treaty signing or a trade negotiation, he didn’t know, he didn’t care. All Dante knew was that he was tired of the constant fakeness politicians seemed to wear like mask. Didn’t people know betazoids could tell when others are insincere? The fake smiles, the fake platitudes, it all got to be too much for Dante. While Dante knew his parents work was important to the Federation, he knew he wanted no part of it. But, Dante’s father had high expectations for his son and had always assumed that he would follow in his footsteps. Feeling like he had enough of the pomp and ceremony of yet another diplomatic gathering in progress, Dante decided to excuse himself and left the estate to clear his mind and ponder his future. He never knew how far he walked, or for how long, the shores of the Opal Sea seemed to go on forever, until he was snapped from his inner musings by a strange sight. An older man with grey hair and a peculiar accent, wearing an old style Starfleet uniform with the tunic unclasped and hanging down. The man was a captain, Dante’s parents had taught him to recognize what the 4 golden pips on the uniform collar meant long ago. The man was standing beside a shuttlecraft which had sunken deep into the sand at an awkward angle. The captain was holding a tricorder and aiming it at a part of the shuttle’s nacelles which was cracked open, revealing inner circuitry. The shuttle was covered in soot from some fire that had already been put out, but the word Justman could still be read from beneath the thin layer of black grime. Dante watched the captain for some time, sensing the man’s focus and frustration and fearing to get in his way. He listened quietly and watched the older captain attempt to repair the crack in the engine. “If only I had a wee bit of tritainium, I could seal this crack and get this bonnie lass to a repair bay.” Muttered the captain in his strange accent. Suddenly, Dante was struck by an idea! He slowly walked over to the captain and asked if he could look at the tricorder. Amused at this young lad, the captain wordlessly handed over the tricorder, expecting the child to fumble with the controls and produce some kind of error in the device. To his surprise, Dante deftly reconfigured the tricorder’s settings and began to wave it around the shuttlecraft. “What about that?” asked Dante, pointing to a storage hatch cover which was hanging open, just inside the shuttle. “That’s tritainium, isn’t it?” asked the younger man as he handed the chirping tricorder back to the captain. “Aye, and it might just do.” Exclaimed the man with a jovial smile. Together, Dante and the captain worked to remove the hatch and using a phaser and some other tools, they fashioned a makeshift seal for the engine nacelle. While they worked, the captain told Dante many fantastic tales of like as chief engineer on a starship. Dante listened intently as the captain recounted tales of exploring new worlds and encountering technology from across the galaxy and beyond. Soon the sky began to darken and the captain decided it was time for him to go. Before parting ways, the captain gave Dante a PADD which he retrieved from the Justman. The PADD had contained several technical manuals for various ships and other federation technologies. “If ye can understand what is in there, then ye might be having what it takes to be a Starfleet engineer.” Mused the captain as he handed the PADD TO Dante. The two parted ways, Dante clutching to the PADD as if it were a life line as He watched the shuttle’s engines begin to glow a bright blue and softly lift itself out of the sand and soar off into the twilight sky. For the next 3 years, Dante Steel would study not only the technical manuals, but everything he could about entering Starfleet Academy. After graduating high school, Dante applied and was accepted to the academy, having excelled in mathematics, science and technology. On Dante’s 18th birthday, he announced to his parents that he had been accepted to the academy and would pursue a career as a Starfleet engineer. Dante’s father was furious and the pair did not part amicably. During the next 4 years, Dante would attend the academy, excelling in his studies, learning much about himself, Starfleet and the unique technologies that always seem to call to Dante, begging to be used and understood. He graduated 2nd in his class and was posted to the U.S.S. Excelsior, where Dante hopes to live and work among the most advanced technologies and most capable crew in Starfleet.

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