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Nick: EnsOlsonJaraq
Nick: EnsOlsonJaraq
Nick: EnsOlsonJaraq
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Lieutenant Image
Lieutenant Olson Jaraq
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 30 to 32
   Height: 193 - 200 cm
Eyes: Blue, Medium size,reflective
Hair: Blonde, Spiked
Skin: Caucasian
Distinct Features: Head: Row of 4 scars; Body: Scars cover abdomen and back
Build/Posture: Muscular, Head high,Chest out
Vocal Quality: Smooth, Baritone
Telepathy: None
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Olson Jaraq
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Tactical Officer
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Hermes

Biography for Lieutenant Olson Jaraq

Height:195 cm
Weight:120 kg
Mother: Amanda Pierre
Father:Cornelius Jaraq
Distinguishing characteristics:A row of four scars leading down through Left ear and down left cheek.

History:Father was Cornelius Jaraq, former Captain of the USS Pythagoras , retired from starfleet and settled to be a leader of a colony near the Cardassian border in the year 2355, after he found out that his wife was pregnant with a boy. Growing up in a house on a hill, overlooking the colony center Olson of course grew up to be a peaceful child, content with what he had but in the year 2366 when the peace treaty between Cardassians and the Fedaration was signed, he was changed permanently. His father obviously protested against the treaty but to no avail, and the planet that the colony was located on was handed over to the Cardassians. After many meetings with several starfleet representatives over the course of 4 years, he still refused to relocate the colony.
Two weeks after a meeting with a cardassian Gul and a starfleet captain, that had gone horribly wrong, the cardassians came with a Warship and a colony ship with the plan of taking it by force. Over 4000 human colonists died that night along with Olsons parents. Olson was found by a vulcan called Balor S‘kendal who felt he had an obligation to protect Olson, as Cornelius had saved his life many times before . Balor had been Corneliuses first officer on the USS Pythagoras but was forced to retire after an accident rendered him phsycologically unfit for duty.
Some time after the slaughter at the colony, Olson learned about the maqui and was adamant about joining them in order to seek revenge for his parents death, Balor agreed but on one condition, that he would go with him in order to protect him.
In the maqui Olson and Balor were involved in stealing a ship from starfleet, the USS Cerberus, along with several other operations. Olson was seventeen at the time when the maqui were slaughtered by the Jem‘Hadar. Managing to destroy several Jem‘Hadar fighters Balor and Olson along with several other maqui members set course for a maqui colony in the Badlands. On arrival they discovered that everyone had been killed but it wasn‘t completely lifeless. Several Jem‘Hadar soldiers were still there patroling the colony.
Balor was fatally injured in a firefight with the Jem‘Hadar and was close to dying when he initiated a mindmeld in a last attempt to protect Olson. He was attempting to transfer his Katra to Olson, but something went wrong when Balor was hit by an energy discharge from a Jem‘Hadar weapon and his entire conciousness was transfered in stead of just his memories and experiences, ‚causing Olson to be rendered unconscious.
When Olson woke up two years had passed and he was no longer on the colony in the Badlands, he was instead in a small shuttlecraft of some sort, adrift in space. After some time he arrived on a starbase where he used the time to gather his wits and try to get a sense of what happened. For the next two years he found a new purpose as a hired gun, and a good one at that. Until he came aboard a spacestation of some questionable morality, there he met a woman named Jennifer . Immediately he was in love.
Later they got married and settled on Betazed planning to have a child, but fate had other intentions, in the two years Olson worked as a hired gun he also gained many enemies some of whom held a grudge, when he was 25 a group of Nausicaans visited his home while he was away on buisness and murdered Jennifer in order to get even with Olson.
Upon his return home Olson found the body of his beloved wife hanging from the ceiling fixture. In a fit of blinded rage he hunted the Nausicaans that were responsible and killed them in the most brutal fashion he could think of. A few months after that he was wandering space in the same spacecraft he used in his time as a hitman, that‘s when he intercepted a partially encoded message, with a starfleet signiture. The part that wasn‘t encrypted had information vaquely describing a plan to use a member of the maqui to breed super soldiers to fight the dominion.
Olson immedeately started to work on a plan to infiltrate starfleet in order to find out more but his plans were halted by increasing headaches and lapses in memory.
After the headaches had gone on for about two months or so he had this uncontrolable urge to go to vulcan, for reasons unknown to him. He quickly set course for Vulcan without any idea why. Once he arrived he didn‘t know what to do, but in the back of his head there was a whisper saying the same name over and over again „T‘pel“
Olson finally looked the name up and discovered that it was a vulcan priest who had been an aquaintance of Balor. After a mindmeld T‘pel discoverd the submerged consciousness of Balor deep in Olsons mind, over the course of a year she taught him how to contact Balor and how to keep Balors consciousness from overpowering Olsons. Once that matter had been delt with, Balor helped Olson hack Starfleets mainframe in order to create a false history and academy record for Olson , once that was done Olson contacted starfleet in order to get assigned to a post. After going over Olsons „records“ they gave him some aptitude tests in order to determine if he was fit for duty, after that he was assigend to the USS Hermes as an ensign.

Hobbies:Enjoys Antique devices and machines from the 20th to 21st century and has extensive knowledge of vehicles from that period and likes to play with them on a holodeck and can sometimes appriciate a good game of Kal-Toh

Rank:Lieutenant JG
Post:USS Hermes
Commanding officer:Capt. Billings
First officer:Cdr. Kirk,Jr

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