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Nick: Eliza
Nick: Eliza
Nick: Eliza
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C1 Image
Eliza Davis
   Species: Human
   Gender: Female
   Age: 20 to 24
   Height: 166 - 173 cm
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black with teal highlights, Straight, shoulder length
Skin: Tan
Build/Posture: Healthy
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Eliza Davis
Position/Occupation: Undecided Major
Core Grade: C1
Sim: Starfleet Academy

Biography for Eliza Davis


Cadet Eliza “Eli” Davis


Starfleet Academy: First year
Rank: Cadet
Major: undecided


Name: Eliza Davis
Preferred Name: Eli
Age: 21
Species: Human
Home Planet: Kaeriene Outpost
Date of Birth: June 17th

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5' 6”
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black, teal highlights Straight; shoulder length


Mother: Marissa Davis
Father: (none/unknown)

Personal History:

Eli is an only child who was raised by a single mother, Marissa Davis. There was never a ‘father’ in the picture for Eli, and she doesn’t really know much about him other than he walked out on her mother when she was pregnant with her. Eli’s relationship with her mother was a very rocky one--especially with Marissa’s drinking habit.
The only reprieve from the unstable homelife for Eli was when she hung out with her best friend Katelyn McCaffrey. They met when they were children and were inseparable for many years. The two would always be up to something together. All sorts of shenanigans. Especially with Kate’s unique ability to shapeshift into anyone, or any animal. Often Eli would come up with some crazy idea and Kate would go along with it…sometimes they’d be able to get out of crazy situations relatively unscathed--other times not so much.
Eli’s world seemed to crash to an instant halt when one of her crazy ideas ended up getting Kate kicked out of school. She tried to make it up to her, but after the incident Kate refused to see her and after trying everything she could to get back together with Kate--she gave up; losing her best friend in the process.
Meanwhile, things with her mother went from bad to worse. It got to the point where Eli never saw her mother sober and the addition of her mother’s boyfriend to their home just served to alienate Eli from her mother even more. Eli and her mother’s boyfriend hated each other and it often showed. They both had short fuses, and eventually an explosion of epic proportions between the two led to Eli running away from home. Eventually she ended up in the system and was placed in foster care. Under fostercare Eli was able to finish school and live under a relatively stable household, but by then Eli had closed herself off from anyone around her that she was incapable of connecting with her foster family. Once she graduated from school she left town the second she got the chance and never looking back.
Eli was just as unlucky in personal relationships as she was in life and after experiencing a rather abusive and disastrous relationship with a jerk of a guy, she decided Kaeriene Outpost needed to be far from her sight as possible. One day she met a Starfleet recruiter and Eli jumped at the chance to leave her home planet forever. Hoping Starfleet would be a new beginning she applied, got accepted and made it to the Academy.
Her first term has been rather rocky and just when she thought she could never catch a break--she ran into her old friend Kate McCaffrey. At first it didn’t seem that Kate wanted anything to do with her, but once the two were able to reconcile their differences things seemed to pick up where they left off in the friendship. Eli is hopeful this is a good omen for the start of a better life; a better future.


Eli has had a rough life so far and has had many disappointments growing up. In spite of the hardships Eli has a determination and fire that keeps her moving forward. She has also learned to guard herself against everyone around her and compensates for insecurities or pain through a biting attitude and sarcastic wit. It’s hard for her to let others in or trust anyone due to her history of abandonment and/or unhealthy relationships.
She is smarter than she gives herself credit for, and when she puts her mind to it she can accomplish just about anything. Especially when it comes to thinking outside the box to solve problems.
Underneath all the walls and barriers, Eli has a good heart. She wants to love and be loved, but doesn’t know how. She hopes the Academy and her career in Starfleet will give her a sense of purpose and teach her how to be a part of something.

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