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Nick: DuoMaxwell
Nick: DuoMaxwell
Nick: DuoMaxwell
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Lieutenant Image
Lieutenant Duo Maxwell
   Species: Bajoran
   Gender: Male
   Age: 25 to 26
   Height: 181 - 188 cm
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: White
Build/Posture: Athletic
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: None
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Duo Maxwell
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Chief Security Officer, Security
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Darmok

Biography for Lieutenant Duo Maxwell

Starfleet Personnel File: Lieutenant Duo Maxwell

Surname: Duo
Given Name: Maxwell
Height: 1.83 meters
Weight: 81.65 kg
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Security Officer; U.S.S. Darmok
Race: Bajoran
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single, never married.
Father: Duo Rann
Mother: Duo Laren
Siblings: None
Date of Birth: Stardate 36316.02
Place of Birth: Bajoran Refugee Camp, Argratha

Personal Background:
Born in a refugee camp on Argratha during the occupation of Bajor, Maxwell is the only son of Rann and Laren. Max and his family spent the majority of their time on Argratha just trying to scrape by. The indigenous inhabitants viewed the Bajoran refugees with disdain and treated them poorly; often blaming them for crimes they didn't commit or raiding their camps to retrieve "stolen" supplies. Because of the lackluster way of life within the refugee camp, Max wasn't exposed to the spiritual side of Bajoran life until after the occupation ended in 2369. It was then that the Bajoran Provisional Government sent aide, supplies, and missionaries to the numerous refugee camps. Even though he was only ten years old at the time Maxwell was too used to fending for himself and was unwilling to accept the way of the Prophets.
Two years after the occupation ended, Max and his family were returned to their ancestral home in Lonar Province on Bajor. There they resumed their previous lives; with his mother as an artisan and his father a small shopkeeper, while Max went to school with the other Bajoran children. While Max was a fairly smart child, after his harsh childhood he found his studies boring and his grades reflected his lack of enthusiasm. Two years later the Dominion War started and Maxwell once again found the Bajoran people hiding their heads in the sand while others suffered.
Maxwell was enraged by Bajor's signing of a nonaggression treaty with the Dominion. When he completed his primary education in 2375 Max joined the Bajoran Military Academy, hoping to one day see action with Bajoran Militia or, if Bajor never joined the war effort, to use his training to join any other group and join the fight.
Unfortunately for Max the war ended during his first semester at the Military Academy. It would be another three and a half years before he completed his time there, and in 2379 he received his commission in the Bajoran Militia as a Second Lieutenant.
Max was initially posted to the security detail for the Bajoran Provisional Government. He spent the next year guarding the First Minister and the Council of Ministers. Bored with the doldrums of standing watch over politicians, Maxwell put in for a change of assignment and was posted to the garrison aboard Deep Space Nine. After a year of apprehending petty thieves and tossing drunks from the Promenade he decided to trade-up for life aboard a starship. In 2381 Maxwell resigned his commission in the Bajoran Militia and sent off his application to Starfleet Academy.

Academy Background
Considering his time in the Bajoran Militia, Max's application was quickly accepted and he passed his entrance exam with flying colors. From there he took part in a fast-paced set of courses designed to supplement what he already knew and familiarize him with the way things work in Starfleet compared to the Militia.
As a Cadet at Starfleet Academy, Maxwell's major area of study was in Security and Tactical; supplementing the training he had received while at the Bajoran Military Academy. He became highly proficient in both armed and unarmed combat, tactical weapons control, and an expert at flying small craft. While he also took classes ranging from basic concepts of engineering to starship navigation, he did not achieve proficiency and was only concerned with those courses for how they related to ship's security.
Max's time at the Academy was not without incident. During his first year he got in a disagreement with a Klingon cadet; both spent several days recovering at Starfleet Medical. In his Senior year he was nearly expelled after disobeying an order from a junior officer during a training assignment aboard the U.S.S. Budapest; the incident almost came to blows but a senior officer intervened, resulting in a reprimand against Maxwell.
After two years Duo Maxwell graduated from Starfleet Academy with a GPA of 3.0. In consideration of his time spent as a commissioned officer in the Bajoran Militia, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade before being posted to his first assignment.

Starfleet Background:
Upon graduation Maxwell was initially assigned to the U.S.S. Appalachia as a security officer. After a year aboard he was transferred to the U.S.S. Darmok, his current assignment. Six months into his tour aboard the Darmok Max was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Since then he had proven himself to be more than capable in the performance of his duties, though he has ruffled more than a few feathers with his stubbornness and tendency to resort to force first.

Counselor's Profile:
Maxwell's childhood in the Bajoran refugee camp on Argratha has shaped his psyche like a hammer and anvil shapes a sword. Max is a highly independent person who prefers to work on his own and often has a hard time with the concept of a chain of command. When he forms an opinion he sticks to it with a tenacity and stubbornness more akin to a Klingon than a Bajoran. When confronted with a difficult situation he prefers to use brute force; finesse does not seem to be a word he is familiar with.

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