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Nick: Dr_Lochlann_MacArdry
Nick: Dr_Lochlann_MacArdry
Nick: Dr_Lochlann_MacArdry
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Ensign Image
Ens Lochlann Jass MacArdry
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 20 to 35
   Height: 173 - 180 cm
Eyes: Stormcloud bluegray
Hair: Red, Wavy but pulled back into a ponytail
Skin: Light and freckled
Build/Posture: Athletic but slender
Accessories: Tartan plaid and brooch/ sporran
Equipment: Sgian dhu
Vocal Quality: Smooth chocolaty baritone
Telepathy: Telepathic and empathic
Duty Status: Active
Name: Lochlann Jass MacArdry
Title/Rank: Ens
Position/Occupation: Doctor, Medical and Counselor, Medical
Core Grade: O01
Sim: USS Ares

Biography for Ens Lochlann Jass MacArdry

Physical Attributes:
SPECIES: Deryni (Minaran Descendent)
AGE: 27
HAIR COLOR: dark red
EYE COLOR: Storm cloud Blue-Gray

Personal Information:

HOME: New Gwynedd

INTERESTS: Chess, Xenoherbalism, Metaphysics, Cryptology, Martial Arts, Music (Harp and Bagpipes, both on board), electronics, fencing (He has a laser edged claymore he practices with)

Marital Status: Widowed from Dr. Heather MacArdry,deceased, no children
Parents:Laird Malcolm and Lady Kathryn MacArdry, both deceased
Other Family: Ciaran Alasdair "Dair" MacArdry, Caulay, Seamus and Dhughal (twins), Eachan, Kaylia, CMO USS Odyssey, and Bevin MacArdry, Engineer USS Darmok

Laas College : graduated Pre-Med, summa cum laude
Grecotha College: Graduated summa cum laude MD, emphasis on Trauma Management and Surgery
University of New Gwynedd- Rhemuth: post doctorial work specializing in Xenobiology
Vulcan Medical Arts Institute: Studies in Adaptive Techniques
Starfleet Academy: Cryptology, Covert Operations

CAREER HISTORY: USS Serendawnsiwr: AMO/ Flight Surgeon for fighter squadron
USS Lancelot: AMO
USS Deltar-D: CMO
USS Ghost Rider: AMO, CMO

SPECIALTIES: Xenobiological Trauma and Empathic Healing/Stabilization, Covert Operations, Cryptology

((Once per game month, he can heal one person that is practically at Death's door, though a few very minor healings, like mending sprained ankles and torn ligaments, may be done after such an intensive healing session))

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