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Ensign Image
Dr. Sandra Paige Truce
   Species: Human
   Gender: Female
   Age: 25 to 30
   Height: 150 - 156 cm
Eyes: Brown, Small Almond shaped
Hair: Black, Cut Short
Skin: Nice tan
Distinct Features: Head: Scar length wise along right lower arm, 1/2 in in width
Build/Posture: Thin, Petite
Clothing: Traditional Medical Uniform
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Sandra Paige Truce
Title/Rank: Dr.
Position/Occupation: Doctor, Medical
Core Grade: O01
Sim: USS Hermes

Biography for Dr. Sandra Paige Truce

NAME: Lt Sandra Paige Truce MD

RACE: Human

GENDER: Female

AGE: 30

HEIGHT: 5' 0"


HAIR: Black (cut short)

EYES: Brown


PARENTS: Father: Christopher Samuel Truce MD

Mother: Nancy Kay Truce

Sandra was born and raised on Earth near San Francisco. When she was young, She would miss her Dad when he would take up a post on a Star Ship to be a Substitute Medical Officer. He was a Temporary when someone was on leave or if extra help was needed for a medical emergency. She would stay at home with her mom and wait to hear that he was coming home. When the call would come in he was headed back, she and her mother would get the house all decorated with flags and frills and banners to welcome him back. It never did get old. She couldn't wait to do it.

Sandra decided that she was going to follow in her fathers footsteps after hearing of all of the things that he would see on his trips away. Even though they were long, she couldn't wait for him to return to tell her of something new.

In high school She started gearing her studies towards maths and sciences in order to prepare for what she would have to do later. She was glad she liked Math and Science. Once she graduated from high school, she went to Star Fleet Academy and applied. She was accepted and continued her courses to become an MD. Medical officers were always in need, so she wouldn't be without a job.

Sandra passed all of her classes with honors and was the pride and joy of her father. He was so glad that his little girl would be taking her turn at becoming an officer within the Fleet.

Sandra started out her career closest to home to begin with. She was stationed at Star Fleet Medical and worked there while doing her internship. It wasn't just the medical she had to learn but also how to read her patients. Not all of her patients would be honest with her and her would have to learn how to read them. She took a secondary course in Psychology thinking that would help her. Also she learned about the other species she would be meeting in space when she was offered a post on a ship. She worked well and gained her rank of Ensign.

While she was working at SF Medical she met a young man. They became very good friends and then went on to get married. Since they both worked at SF Medical they managed to get the same shifts so they could spend quality time together.

The day finally came when her father and a training professor met her one day for lunch. They told her of a spot that was opening up on the USS Hernmes. Two of its officers were being transferred back to Star Fleet Medical and one of them was a medic on the ship. She was then asked about her comfort level about being on a star ship. This was what she had been working forward to for her entire career. She was excited at being asked to be a doctor on a Federation Star Ship.

It was a lot to take in and a lot more work than she had bargained for, but she knew if she didn't take this, that it may be a while before another chance would present itself. She excepted and was told by the professor where she would need to go to meet up with the ship. He also told her to be easy on the crew to begin with as far as physicals went. She would want to gain their trust before she started pushing to much. The ship was going through a few staff changes and they might be a bit resistant to begin with. She should give them time and he was sure they would come around.

Sandra was very excited at the opportunity and was glad she had the chance. She went home that night and told her husband of the news. She didn't expect the reaction she would receive.. He started yelling and cursing her for not thinking of them and their relationship before taking such duty. This would mean that she would be gone for years at a time and since there was only 1 post available he would not be allowed to go with her, He didn't even give her a change to explain before he threw his medical bag at her and yelled that he was going to divorce her if she left. He then walked out the door.

A few weeks later she found herself at Star Base 234 walking around, looking for the Pylon that the USS Hermes was docked at.

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