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First Lieutenant Image
First Lieutenant N'alae Leonsbanner
   Species: Romulan
   Gender: Female
   Age: 30 to 35
   Height: 171 - 178 cm
Eyes: Milky White (Blind*)
Hair: Black, Grey streak in bangs, Mid back length, wavy
Skin: Tan
Distinct Features: Body: Scarred tissue on left hand
Build/Posture: Lean
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: Telepathic, Empathic
Duty Status: Active
Name: N'alae Leonsbanner
Title/Rank: First Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Temp CMO, Medical and Counselor
Core Grade: O04
Sim: USS Roddenberry

Biography for First Lieutenant N'alae Leonsbanner

Name: N’alae Leonsbanner
Rank: First Lieutenant - Counselor (USS Roddenberry)
Species: Romulan
Date of Birth: September 21, 2337

-Physical Description-
Age: 61 Standard Years
Height: 1.73 meters (5 foot 8 inches)
Weight: 55 kilograms (121 pounds)
Build: Lean
Eyes: Milky White (blind*)
Hair: Black, Grey stripe in bangs - Mid-back length, wavy
Distinguishing Features: Scarred tissue on left hand
Marital Status: Engaged to David Watts
Children: Twins; Katie and Karen

Born in the port of Mhiessan, Romulus. She was gifted with both empathic and telepathic abilities. During emotional out-lashes she would often lose control of her abilities; because of this she would often isolate herself from others and preferred to be alone. At the age of four she lost her mother to a lab accident, a year afterward her father took her off-world towards Earth.
On the way to Earth, she was instructed in English, meanwhile picking up bits and pieces of other languages along the way. Upon arrival, she spent the majority of the time with the Leonsbanner’s while her father was in meetings with ‘trade associates’. After a year on Earth, her father left without a word to N’alae, leaving her in the care of the Leonsbanner’s. He had a single request; for her to join Starfleet.
At the age of twenty-nine, she graduated from Starfleet Medical Academy. Given the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, she stayed at Starfleet Medical. Five years passed before she was assigned to the hospital vessel Tranquility; there she was stationed for three years and earning the rank of Lieutenant. At that time she was assigned to Starbase 436 as Assistant Chief of Medical. She stayed on Starbase 436 for five years before leaving on-board the USS Cathleen. Four years passed and she was promoted to First Lieutenant. However, a year later she was charged with malpractice and substance abuse ending in her demoted to Ensign, placed on probation, and rehabilitation. Four years passed quietly for her before she was reassigned to the USS Roddenberry.
N’alae arrived and was given Assistant Chief of Medical position. After a month she was thrown into the brig for refusing to cooperate with security. One year later she was promoted again to Lieutenant Junior Grade. During this time she had adopted a five-year-old human child, whom she named Vrih. That she had found during an away mission and had nursed back to health. Three months later after taking leave, she confessed her feelings for David Watts, but they agreed that at the time the relationship would not work out at the time. Five months passed and they were back together. A year later she was promoted to Lieutenant and became Acting Chief of Medical. Another year passed and she was promoted to First Lieutenant and took the role of Chief of Medical. After a few years of dating, N’alae became pregnant; the details on the pregnancy is classified. Upon returning from an away mission (see ‘Weird is Part of the Job’) she had a stripe of grey in her hair and having gone through several months of pregnancy. Shortly after she gave birth to twin girls, Katie and Karen. Two years afterward David Watts proposed to her, the two became engaged.
After being declared MIA for three years, she was found on-board the transport ship, Oberon, that was en route to the research station, Viotek, suffering from amnesia.

-USF Record-
SD 200705.23 - Reassigned to the USS Roddenberry
SD 200805.04 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
SD 200906.03 - Promoted to Lieutenant, Acting Chief of Medical
SD 201003.21 - Promoted to First Lieutenant, Chief of Medical
SD 201409.16 - Returned to Starfleet Medical, Declared MIA
SD 201710.17 - Found on board Transport Oberon

*Able to perceive people through an "aura".

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