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Fleet Captain Image
Fleet Captain Adrenna Darz
USF Host
   Species: Zabrian
   Gender: Female
   Age: 24 to 26
   Height: 161 - 168 cm
Eyes: Dark purple
Hair: Brown, Long; curly
Distinct Features: Head: Zabrian pointed ears
Build/Posture: Thin; athletic
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Adrenna Darz
Title/Rank: Fleet Captain
Position/Occupation: Commanding Officer, Command
Core Grade: O08
Sim: Starbase Everest

Biography for Fleet Captain Adrenna Darz


File no: 2383311877



Ship: Starbase Everest/USS Infinity

Assignment: Commanding Officer

Rank: Captain


Name: Adrenna Darz


Preferred Name: Addy


Age: 34


Species: Zabrian (humanoid)


Home Planet: Zabria, but grew up on Betazed.


Height: 5' 6”


Weight: 140 lbs


Date of Birth: September 2, 2357 (Earth Standard)


Birth Place: Zabria


Eyes: Deep Jade (purple)


Hair: Black, wavy; shoulder length


Features: medium sized, pointed ears with three triangle or carrot shaped ridges across the upper part of the ear.  At the tip of each triangle shaped ridge there is a single, tiny raised bump.  Besides the purple eyes and pointed ears, her outward appearance is otherwise indistinguishable from humans.




Mother: P'Katria Darz


Father: Detric Bur-Darz


Sister: Ailana (“Lana”) Darz

Brother: Zyvekai'xhein (“Zee”) Darz


Traditional Zabrian Family Name: Vin'Darz. The “Vin” denotes noble title.  The nobility in Adrenna's family came from her mother's side of the family.  The Darz family chose not to keep the “Vin” attached to their name once it was apparent that they would not return to Zabria.  They felt it unnecessary since they had no contact with other Zabrians. 




Addy's parents were scientists on their home planet of Zabria.  Detric was on long term assignment with his wife and child to observe other cultures.  Addy's parents would send images and information about cultures back to Zabria.  When the Civil War between the Aisoletists and Aesorists escalated the Zabrian Government recalled all observation ships.  However, the Darz family was not able to comply with this order because on route they were caught in a space anomaly that sent them flying through a sort of sub-space tunnel.  When they were finally able to leave the tunnel they realized they had traveled halfway across the galaxy in a few seconds.  The trip had caused an overload in their warp-core and they were forced to abandon ship in escape pods.  They landed on a planet they later learned was Betazed.  The people of Betazed were telepathic like the Zabrians and were friendly to Adrenna's family.  At this point, Adrenna was 10 years old and her mother was pregnant with another child.  Detric (who has always been naturally interested in learning about other cultures) decided to remain on the planet and learn about the Betazed culture.  They soon realized that the people of Betazed do not live as long as Zabrians do, but that did not stop them from living among the Betazed people and observing their culture.      


Addy had the spirit of an explorer and loved to learn of other peoples.  Her favorite pastime as she was growing up was listening to her father speak of the many wonders he has seen.  She is very close to her family.  Their bond is strong and rooted in their telepathic/empathic abilities.  Growing up she always did what her parents asked of her, and she strove to please them.


Addy grew up on Betazed and helped raise her little sister.  She befriended a number of Betazed people and respected their culture.  Addy was always a very passionate individual who tended to accomplish anything she put her mind to.  Her telepathic and empathic powers heightened her ability to feel empathy for others, which always made her want to help others as much as she could. 


She worked closely with the Betazed people, and studied anatomy and physiology.  She found that she enjoyed learning about the body and how it functions.  She also enjoyed learning the differences between her own physiology and that of the Betazed people.  This love for learning and innate empathy towards others gave birth to her desire to become a Doctor.


Addy excelled at her Batezed education and learned of Starfleet.  One of her good friends joined Starfleet, and she decided to follow.  The prospect of exploring space and learning about new species and cultures exhilarated her.  Also, Starfleet would give her the opportunity to help not only one race of people, but many.  Her parents did not wish her to leave, but they gave her their blessing.  They saw the twinkle in her eye and did not want to keep her from something she really wanted to do. 


Addy learned quickly, and had no problems with the curriculum at Starfleet.  Upon arriving at Starfleet she began studying the different careers it offered her.  She knew she wanted be a doctor, but she did not want to limit herself.  After careful study she decided to pursue medicine and psychology.  Addy was able to take more classes than usual because her race needs far less sleep than the average humanoid (she only needs 3-4 hours every 5-7 days).  She trained as both a Medical doctor and a counselor. These two careers were the most appealing to Addy because both careers involved helping others.  Addy's interest in learning about other cultures led her to also take many extracurricular classes that involved the cultures and history of many different species.  She felt these courses would enhance her abilities to do her job as it is good to know the background of a species that you are trying to help.  Addy graduated from Starfleet only three years after she began.  Shortly after graduating with Honors, Addy was assigned to the USS Independence as counselor and medical officer.

  Doctor Darz quickly became a valued member of Starfleet and well known for proving time and time again that she could be counted on to do the impossible, especially when it came to medicine.


  During her first year serving on the Independence she was charged with finding a way to protect the ship against a very powerful energy being called Klatu.  Darz created a virus that would attack his cells and destroy his ability to regenerate.  The virus was not used in their initial encounter with Klatu, but years later when the Indy crew met up with Klatu once more a bio weapon was deployed using the virus.  It appeared to have worked, just as Klatu was about to use his deadly energy to destroy the Independence, his cells lost the ability to regenerate or interact with each other and his body rapidly broke down; disintegrating into nothingness.  It is hoped that the very powerful, massively destructive, and evil minded Klatu is gone once and for all--but experience dictates that not everything is as it seems in space.

SD 200910.28, Addy discovered that a human crewmate (Rainbow Kern) was not only human but had vulcan markers in her DNA.  These markers had been completely blocked so that Kern would appear completely human.  Something triggered the blocked markers to no longer be blocked and Kern slowly began to show signs of being part Vulcan.  This crewmember was soon kidnapped and Addy along with Andrew Carmello went in search for and saved the missing crewmember.  Addy had to use her Zabrian healing abilities to help stabilize a very injured Kern long enough to get her to a sickbay.  Through this ordeal Addy became good friends with both Andrew and Kern.  Kern learned about her past, and her true identity and changed her name to her Vulcan name Tapal.

SD 201010.28 After the entire crew of the Independence had been cloned by a lonely computer system, the cloned crew escaped (partly) and freed the unconscious normal crew.  The cloned “abducted” crew had not known they were cloned until they started disintegrating and they found the original crew in some sort of stasis on the ship.  Darz worked with her double to stabilize the cloned crew and was even able to bring back the individuals who had disintegrated into a pool of goo using the transporter and original DNA of each individual crewmember.  The cloned crew then went their separate ways, some being accepted into the families of the original crew, and others searching for their new place in the universe.

SD 201001.21, During the aftermath of Romulus being destroyed, the Indy was sent to help survivors.  Upon arrival, there was an instant in time where Addy was connected to multiple alternate selves in alternate universes/time lines where Addy saw and felt her alternate selves' experiences.  In each experience the Indy had gotten stuck in the past and tried to prevent the destruction of Romulus.  Addy saw and experienced different outcomes of varying decisions but in each experience Romulus was still destroyed.  Except one.  Somehow this brought comfort to Addy to know that in some universe; in some timeline--Romulus was saved.

SD 201001.28, On an away mission, Addy discovered that there were non-corporeal beings that lived in the trees of a planet where mining was taking place for Starfleet.  The species called themselves the Unari.  Addy had been taken over by the Unari and acted as a medium between the Unari and the Starfleet miners.  Through this link Addy was able to share experiences and feelings with the Unari.  Since they existed as pure energy, The Unari had never experienced what it was like to walk, or touch an object, or feel the rain on one’s skin.  The Unari were intrigued by the experience and wished to explore new sensations that corporeal creatures were able to experience.  They wished to set up a trade--the ore for the ability to link with the miners to experience life as a corporeal being.  They wished no one harm and would not link with someone that was not comfortable with the idea.  The information was related to Starfleet and the Indy took leave of the situation.  Addy was exhilarated by the experience and wouldn't mind experiencing it again some time.

On SD 201008.12, Addy helped save a girl who had been injured from crash-landing a shuttle.  After bringing the injured girl on-board the Indy, Addy healed her wounds and spoke with her concerning what had happened.  After a short while a few ships arrived and demanded the Indy surrender Melany (the girl Addy had healed).  Melany protested that if they allowed her to be taken by this species than she would be killed for political reasons.  She requested asylum.  Addy believed the girl and, although she could not sense the girl's emotions or hear her thoughts, she had a feeling the girl was telling the truth and that she really did need the help of the crew.  After it was made clear that the Indy would not just surrender Melany to be put to death even in the midst of battle with the alien ships and with the Indy incurring much damage--everything changed.  The other ships disappeared, the damage to the Independence was instantly repaired, and anyone who had been injured were instantly healed.  Melany then showed her true self.  She was a Q.  She had been curious about the Humans after what other Qs had said about them and wanted to see for herself.  She called herself Melany Q and promised to be back.  Addy was upset that it had all been a trick by the Q and had thought the girl was her friend.  Even so, Melany Q admired Addy and promised to make it up to her before she snapped her fingers and vanished.

SD 201011.11, The Indy ran into the Nexus ribbon, sending Addy and her crewmembers into the time/space anomaly and temporarily trapping them in the limitless wonder of the Nexus.  Each crewmember was placed in a reality that would make them the happiest.  For Addy that meant she had a family with the love of her life, Jairryn Fray (who she had always loved but never pursued in her own reality; losing him to her best friend and roommate from her time at Starfleet Academy). In the nexus everything was absolutely perfect, and with the ability to experience any moment at any time for all eternity--she could experience her life with Jairryn; grow old with him, watch her children grow up and then grand-children, or go back to the time they first met and experience the whole relationship from he start. 

Addy had wanted to remain in the nexus, even after the mental pleas of her other crewmates came to her consciousness asking her for help to save the rest of the crew.  It took all the mental strength of the fellow telepathic crewmembers who called her back to the Indy to get her to break her hold on her life in the Nexus and return to the Indy with them.  This experience devastated Addy considering in reality she had never had the chance to be with the love of her life who was married to someone else. 

As counselor Addy was charged with the duty to help the other crewmembers deal with emotions and mental aftermath of briefly being stuck in the Nexus, having been given the perfect life for a moment, and then being ripped away from it to help save the rest of the crew from destruction.  For Addy, it was much easier to help others deal with their issues, than to even think of attempting to heal her own.  As always she buried her feelings deep within herself; only showing others the superficial level of her inner self.  She began to even hide her deepest darkest pain from her own sister, Ailana--who up until recently had been the only one she allowed to see her true self.  Addy began secretly going down a very dark path--drinking her woes away at night, self medicating throughout the day, and constantly throwing herself into her work; staying as busy as possible, and never facing her own troubles.

On SD 201106.09, the Indy encountered a renegade Klingon ship that ended up going back in time changing the course of history.  The Indy crew was caught in a time shift and ended up in a reality where Earth and Starfleet had been destroyed in the 23rd Century by the alien probe that had traveled to Earth to contact the Humpback whales.  Since the whales had been extinct (killed by man) for nearly a century, the probe destroyed Earth and Starfleet after getting no answer from the Humpback Whales.  Originally Admiral Kirk and his crew aboard their stolen Klingon craft, which they dubbed “The HMS Bounty”, had gone back in time to the 20th century when whales had not yet gone extinct, obtained two whales, and brought them back to the 23rd century and deposited them into the Pacific Ocean.  The whales subsequently answered the probe, and saved Earth.  The Indy crew had no choice but to travel back in time to stop the Klingons from keeping Admiral Kirk from completing his mission.

Addy and the others ended up on Earth in the 20th century and followed Admiral Kirk and his crew incognito as Kirk and the others completed their mission.  It was imperative for Admiral Kirk and the others to remain unaware of their presence, as to not mess with the timeline any further.  They made sure the renegade Klingons did not harm Admiral Kirk or come into contact with him or his crew throughout the mission, and the proper sequence of events occurred; preserving the proper timeline.  The Indy returned to their time, and were relieved to find Earth and Starfleet safe and sound with absolutely no evidence of any tampering to the time-line, ……well almost none.  

Addy had secretly “tagged” the Bounty while on the mission.  They had placed a special paint on the Bounty to keep track of it in the past while it was cloaked, the paint would fade to non existence over time and the signal that it transmitted would not have been picked up by anyone in the 23rd century so it was deemed an acceptable risk to the timeline in order for them to preserve the timeline.  Although Addy was given permission to place the paint on the Bounty, no one knows exactly what she painted--Addy placed a couple of Zabrian symbols under the “HMS Bounty” that the Admiral’s crew had painted on the craft.  The tagging was then immortalized in the picture of Kirk and his crew in front of the Bounty.  No one in Starfleet knows the significance of the symbols and it was shrugged off as evidence of an obscure ancient klingon language that has been forgotten.  Only Addy and her sister knows what the symbols actually stood for which is effectively “"Addy was here"”.  

On SD 201108.04, the Independence had been attacked by unseen alien ships with weapons that easily passed through the Indy’s shields quickly causing major damage to the ship.  Addy rushed to sickbay from the bridge to aid with the injured, when the corridor around her collapsed on top of her; burying her in rubble.  When she was transported to sickbay, her body had already sunk into a Zabrian coma--a survival technique where the Zabrian’s body uses all its energy to heal its wounds.  However, the self-healing abilities her body possessed could do nothing to heal all the emotional and mental scarring that had been building up for so long.  Regardless of its inability to heal the unseen wounds, the body remained in a Zabrian coma and continually attempted to no avail to bring balance to mind and body.

Starfleet could do nothing once her physical injuries were healed no matter how much they tried to revive Addy; she would not and could not wake from the Zabrian coma.  Addy was transferred to a Starbase after a week of being in the coma and her sister Ailana Darz arrived to help Addy return from the Zabrian coma.  The two sisters had always had a strong psionic bond rooted in their telepathic/empathic abilities and stronger even than any other member of the sister’s family.  Ailana was quite possibly the only one that would be able to enter Addy’s mind and pull her out of whatever was keeping her in the coma.  In order to do this, however, Ailana would have to share in Addy’s darkest self and there was a possibility that Ailana would end up lost forever along with Addy.  

Ailana was ultimately successful at pulling Addy out of the darkness, and the two sisters woke and were transported to Betazed where they could recover with their family.  Zabrians self healing abilities and telepathic/empathic abilities grew stronger as they band together--especially among family members.  So with Ailana and Addy home with their parents, their healing process was able to occur more rapidly and Addy returned to the Indy once she was fully healed.  After this ordeal and with the help of her sister and an old friend Addy finally has a better grasp on her own emotions.

Addy has completed many other missions with the crew of the USS Independence as they traveled through the delta quadrant, for full reports of missions, access the mission logs and duty logs of Adrenna Darz with dates ranging from SD 200907.03 to SD 201501.11.



Near photographic memory.

Telepathic/empathic abilities

Heals quickly




Learning about cultures & their history.

Photography (prefers old earth cameras c. 20th-21th century)

Horseback riding

Outdoor activities: rock climbing, running, camping, etc

Plays the flute & the Zabrian Kaitar (an instrument that is played by using telepathic/empathic abilities)




Addy is outgoing and full of life.  She rarely turns down an opportunity to socialize because she enjoys getting to know others.  However, Addy usually learns a lot more about those she is with than they learn about her.  She has become quite good at observing others—paying attention to their body language, how they react to things, and how they say things.  This attention to detail has become second nature to Addy, and has enhanced her abilities as a counselor.  Respect is very important to Addy, and is something that she believes everyone deserves as a common courtesy.  She values her privacy and respects the privacy of others.  Addy is not secretive by any means, but there are things she holds sacred.  The only people who truly know Addy from the inside out are those in her family.  Addy’s is closest with her sister, Ailana, who she shares her innermost feelings and thoughts with completely.




2377—Graduated from undergraduate school—Pre-med (On Betazed)


2381—Finished training as a Medical assistant. (On Betazed)


2383—Joined Starfleet


2386—Graduated from Starfleet with honors; Obtained the rank of Ensign and given her first assignment as Medical Officer and Counselor aboard the USS Independence.



SD 200907.02 -- Arrived on the USS Independence and began her post as Medical Officer and Counselor.


SD 200908.20 -- Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade for going above and beyond the call of duty.


SD 201002.11 -- Promoted to the rank of Full Lieutenant for exceptional performance as a Starfleet Officer.

SD 201009.02 -- Promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant and given the position of Chief Medical Officer.

SD 201106.09 -- Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

SD 201304.04 -- Promoted to the rank of Commander and given position of XO of the USS Independence.

SD 201501.03 -- Received orders to report to Utopia Planitia, and temporarily assigned as XO under Commodore Jonas Brent completing special assignments as the USS Lexington was being rebuilt.

SD 201501.15 -- Promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the Starbase Everest crew; currently completing missions on the USS Infinity as the Starbase is being rebuilt.

SD 201603.06 The newly built Starbase Everest was dedicated and Captain Adrenna Darz began her full duties as a Starbase captain.


SD 201009.02 -- Given the Recruiting Ribbon for bringing several crew-members to the USS Independence.

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