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Nick: Dion
Nick: Dion
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Captain Image
Captain Dion Xiaoyen
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 30 to 35
   Height: 178 - 185 cm
Eyes: Dk. Brown
Hair: Black, Wavy/Slicked
Skin: Light
Build/Posture: Medium/Athletic
Vocal Quality: Baritone
Telepathy: None
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Dion Xiaoyen
Title/Rank: Captain
Core Grade: O07
Sim: ~ Staff ~

Biography for Captain Dion Xiaoyen

LCARS File No. 93549810 
For: Xiaoyen, Dion 
Service Number: SC 706-334
Rank: Captain
Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Aldrin-B
Stardate: 201701.16

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Personal Information 
Name: Xiaoyen, Dion 
Age: 35
Species: Human 
Gender: Male 
Ethnicity: Chinese-American
Date of Birth: Stardate 198103.18 
Place of Birth: New York City, New York (Earth, North American Continent) 
Mother: Diane Xiaoyen    
Father: Donnie Xiaoyen 
Siblings: Derek - DECEASED (Date of Death: Stardate 200512.23) 
                Dante (41) 
                Darion (38) 
                First Lieutenant Devon Xiaoyen, CENG, USS Valmont (29) 
Spouse: First Lieutenant Dana Tsai-Xiaoyen (Career Hiatus)
Children: Dominique Diane Xiaoyen (14) 
                 Diana Michelle Xiaoyen (10) 
                 Drayton Derek (5)

Minor Background in Personal Life 
            Dion is the youngest of four boys born to Donnie and Diane Xiaoyen. Throughout his infancy, he has always shown signs of being gifted. He already knew how to use the potty at a year old, he knew how to read basic books by the age of two and a half, and was winning second grade spelling bees at the age of four. Later on, his father sent him to learn wushu kung fu with master Chen Siu Nung who lived in Manhattan, New York, every day. Each day even when he came home, he took an hour to practice his wushu. Then at the age of five, his father realized he had a gift to retain knowledge at an incredibly massive rate so he encouraged him to study all kinds of material at the library. Each week, he started going to the library and as time passed, he grew interested in Warp Theory and Temporal Mechanics. Soon it became everyday after wushu training he became a practical resident of the library. One day his eldest brother, Derek, told him that the best way to utilize his knowledge is to join Starfleet. Without hesitation, he was convinced and was accepted on the first try at the age of 15. He graduated second in his class to a Vulcan named Sorvok. 
            When he was serving on the Aldrin as a First Lieutenant and Chief Engineer, the ship stopped at Starbase 39-Sierra in Sector 408. He was also badly injured in an explosion there and someone he met, Lieutenant Dana Tsai, ended up becoming his wife a couple of years later. Several months after they parted and he healed, Dana found herself being assigned as an engineer on the Aldrin which conveniently made it easier for the two to court each other. A year and a half later they were married in New York City. Presently, they have three kids, two daughters and a son. Since the birth of their first child, Dominique, Dana has retired from active duty in Starfleet and with her blessing, had allowed Dion to continue his career on the condition that they would always stay together no matter where Dion was assigned. So far they have kept that pact strong and the Xiaoyen family unit has stayed strong.
            A more than six years into Dion's Starfleet career, he had found that a quantum singularity brought his past self into the future and since Dion had already established his own name and career in Starfleet and the Federation, his duplicate assumed the name Devon and officially considered himself to be Dion's younger brother. From then on, Dion was no longer the youngest of the Xiaoyen men. 

Physical Perameters 
Height: 5'11 
Weight: 188 Lbs. 
Species: Human 
Build: Medium 
Eyes: Dark Brown 
Hair: Black 
Skin Tone: Light

Psychological Profile (Evaluated by Commander Zena Mervani, Chief Counseling Officer, Starfleet Academy) 
Stardate 199908.28: Cadet Xiaoyen is very humorous and open minded. He has nothing to hide and is always under the law. I sense nothing but goodness, kindness, and faithfulness towards all he will face in life. His intentions are admirable and so are his mental ways. Heh, good thing I'm a betazoid otherwise my job would be so much harter. 
Stardate 200008.28: After a whole year, Cadet Xiaoyen has not shown much of a change since the last time I evaluated him. Just new experiences and knowledge he has picked up along time. He is a good guy. His passions are strong, yet he doesn't defy the law to continue his beliefs, he always thinks of other ways to show them. 
Stardate 200108.28: It's always a pleasure to see Cadet Xiaoyen. He still hasn't changed much. I noticed he has been to Ferenginar, Vulcan, Risa, Deltas one through four, and many other planets by now. Interesting experiences I can see in his memory............ and some things that may seem a little uncomfortable at times, yet just what typical human males think. ::Laughs:: 
Stardate 200206.28: Well this will be my last entry in Cadet or shall I now say, Ensign Xiaoyen's psychological profile. It was good to get to know him all throughout his starfleet career. He is a good guy at heart and has plenty to offer to Starfleet in general. I will miss him dearly, but I'm sure he will be sent into the hands of a good crew that can appreciate his talents. 

Starfleet Academy Profile 
Majors: Warp Mechanics, Interstellar Studies, Engineering 
Minors: Intercultural Anatomy 
Extracurricular Activities: 
                              - Intercultural Studies Program (1 year) 
                              - Varsity Basketball (3 Years) 
                              - Starfleet Martial Arts (Wushu) Teacher (2 Years) 
Starfleet Cadet Awards: 
                              - Original thinking for tactical procedures 
                              - Special recognition for Intercultural Studies 
                              - Personal award from Lieutenant Commander Jovi Rakar in the department of engineering for exceptional performance. 
Graduation Status: Second (4.67 GPA) 
Graduation Date: Stardate 200207.1 

Starfleet Officer Profile
Current Assignment: USS Aldrin
Current Post: Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer: Starfleet Command
Posting History:      - Assistant Engineer, USS Aldrin (SD 200207.12)
                             - Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Aldrin (SD 200210.28)
                             - Chief Engineer, USS Aldrin (SD 200306.9)
                             - Transferred to USS Indpendence as Chief Engineer (SD 200401.22)
                             - Second Officer, USS Independence (SD 200404.29)
                             - Transferred to USS Aldrin as Chief Engineer (SD 200609.25)
                             - Acting Executive Officer, USS Aldrin (SD 200610.2)
                             - Offered Promotion to Commander and XO of the USS Aldrin but declined (SD 200701.22)
                             - Co-Head of Propulsion Dynamics, Starfleet Core Of Engineers (SD 200702.12)
                             - Offered Promotion to Commander and XO of the USS Sacajawea but declined (SD 201004.10)
                             - Transferred to Outpost 67 as Chief of Engineering and Operations (SD 201004.12)
                             - Transferred to Starbase Everest as Chief of Security (SD 201307.14)
                             - Acting Executive Officer, Starbase Everest (SD 201307.21)
                             - Coordinating Operations Liaison, Starbase Everest (SD 201310.14)
                             - Executive Officer, Starbase Everest (SD 201403.23)
                             - Acting Commanding Officer, Starbase Everest (SD 201408.24)
                             - Executive Officer, Starbase Everest (SD 201501.18)
                             - Executive Officer, USS Columbia (SD 201609.12)
                             - Commanding Officer, USS Aldrin (SD 201611.28)
Rank History: 
                             - Promoted to Ensign on SD 200207.12 
                             - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on SD 200209.16 
                             - Promoted to Lieutenant on SD 200210.28 
                             - Promoted to First Lieutenant on SD 200303.31 
                             - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander on SD 200406.17 
                             - Promoted to Commander on SD 201403.23
                             - Promoted to Captain on SD 201701.16

Starfleet Officer Awards:
                              - Starfleet Medal Of Valor for Rescuing Captain Elizabeth Regale from Romulan captivity on Stardate 200303.15
                              - Decorated by Starfleet Command Three Times: (Stardate 200503.3, Stardate 200810.14, and Stardate 201109.12)
                              - Special Engineering Corps Medallion for excellence in service and contributions on Stardate 200704.2
                              - Karagite Order For Heroism for evacuating the population of Starbase Everest and rescuing Captain Hiroshi Nakarua during the Zehon Incident on Stardate 201407.22 


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