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Nick: Demitri
Nick: Demitri
Nick: Demitri
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Ensign Image
Ensign Demitri Elac Loc
   Species: Klingon
   Gender: Male
   Age: 30 to 35
   Height: 196 - 204 cm
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blue, 20" pony tail with short hair all around
Skin: Rough skin
Distinct Features: Head: Scars from battles; Body: Chest seems more tough than normal Klingons
Build/Posture: Heavy Muscular, Military Style
Clothing: Armor of Klingon with spikes in hidden compartments made by him
Accessories: Right earring
Equipment: PADDs with specs on every starship in the fleet and Klingon fleet I could get my hands on
Vocal Quality: Gravely bass
Duty Status: Active
Name: Demitri Elac Loc
Title/Rank: Ensign
Position/Occupation: Assistant Engineering Officer, Engineering
Core Grade: O01
Sim: USS Independence

Biography for Ensign Demitri Elac Loc


Bio for :  Demitri Elac Loc             

Status: Starfleet Engineer


Birthplace: IKS Titan

Birth Date: December 26

Height:198 cm

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue


History: Born on the IKS Titan during a patrol, his mother and father who was captain of the ship. He kept them on and Elac learns engineering and command at a young age. He stayed on ship loving battles and fixing the ship after. He commanded only when he needed to. At age 15 almost started a war in Klingon territory just to see if he can be Victorious and Smart about it. They excuted a low ranking officer for insorbation and he got by and started wanting to try something different. He joined Starfleet at the age of 18 and went to engineering and command classes. His engineering classes was easy but hard when he tried a algorithm on a sim ship it went faster but with a variance in the harmonics almost destroying the ship. Since then he has tried to perfect the full system algorithm to over powering the warp core to weapons without blowing to many fuses. He worked out constantly to, along reading every spec book on Klingon and Starfleet ships getting to know them very well. 






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