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Nick: Daniel
Nick: Daniel
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C3 Image
Cadet Daniel Kenneth Jona
   Species: Betazoid/Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 17 to 20
   Height: 2 - 2 cm
Eyes: Dark brown, Normal but with no iris typical of betazoids
Hair: Dark brown, Short, near bald
Skin: Carmel skin
Build/Posture: Athletic, Good
Clothing: Medical cadet uniform
Vocal Quality: Tenor, with slight Terran Southern United States accent
Telepathy: Empathic, telepathic only with telepathic species
Duty Status: Active
Name: Daniel Kenneth Jona
Title/Rank: Cadet
Position/Occupation: Cadet - Junior
Core Grade: C3
Sim: Starfleet Academy

Biography for Cadet Daniel Kenneth Jona

Name: Daniel Kenneth Jona

Rank: Cadet-Junior Class

Secondary Rank: Squad Medical Cadet

Current Post: Starfleet Academy

Family Background

Born February 16, 2369, Daniel Kenneth Jona was born to Leeandra and Troy Jona in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is the second of three sons. He has older brother named Ray whom is Assistant Chief Engineer aboard the USS Lothlorien. He has younger brother Baistian. He grew in Teris Province on Betazed. The small town in which he lived it was harmonious except for small group of Betazoids whom did not like mixed breeds. Gangs of full blooded Betzoids made life for short while difficult for the Jona brothers. He has been stigmatized about his past. He looks at just that the past. His brother for that matter cannot learn to let it go. He had a falling out their father in front of him. He is straight laced cadet that will follow the rules no matter what and tries not the bend the rules to best of his ability. He grew around the medical field both his parents are doctors. His father for that matter is head of Federation Hospital on Betazed while also being Lt. Commander. His child hood has not been so sour all the time. He began to make friends with Tetra Sisters. They are three girls much like them. They helped them through the tough times. He gained affection the middle sister Dexlona and her for him. He joined the academy to follow in his father and brother footsteps. The relationship between himself and Dexlona has development into a relationship. He has continued his friendship with many of the Cadet of his squad but is learning that different circumstances are going to prove hard to keep a hold of. He tried to work hard with his brother and his father relationship and hopes things would get better in the long run.

Starfleet Record

He entered the academy much like his brother on a Gifted Cadet Program. He is working as to become Medical Officer with the major in Multi-Species Medicine. He also has major in Engineering for his brother whom got him an understanding. He is currently thinking of changing this decision. He has added a minor half through his junior year to take on Psychology and take on trying be a part time Counselor as well. He made close friends with Malachi.

Stardate 238507.06 Enter the Academy at Sixteen.

238508.10 Made Beta Squad Medical Cadet

238611.11 Promoted to Sophomore Class Cadet

Personal Information
He slowly coming into his own. He has learned to play the flute. He plays very well. He got into it as child. He also is learned to make effort to be more of a becoming very close to Dexlona. He has been helping Dexlona and sing with played music with each other on many occasions.

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