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Nick: Danaen
Nick: Danaen
Nick: Danaen
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Lieutenant Commander Image
Lieutenant Commander Tyrek Danaen
   Species: Tarkalean
   Gender: Male
   Age: 30 to 35
   Height: 189 - 196 cm
Eyes: Teal, Round
Hair: Brown
Skin: Terran Caucasian
Distinct Features: Head: Forehead and chin ridges; protruded esophageal bones
Body: Bony ridge alond the third metacarpal on the back of each hand extending past the carpus
Build/Posture: Athletic
Clothing: Engineer's coat over uniform
Vocal Quality: Tenor, smooth
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Tyrek Danaen
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position/Occupation: Chief Engineer, Operations and Second Officer, Command
Core Grade: O05
Sim: USS Aldrin

Biography for Lieutenant Commander Tyrek Danaen

  • Name: Tyrek Danaen
  • Species: Tarkalean
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 62 (appears approximately 35 Earth years)
  • Father: Herall Danaen †
  • Mother: Menna Danaen
  • Siblings: None
  • Birthplace: Tarkalea
  • Skin: Terran Caucasian
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 193 lbs.
  • Physical Status: Athletic
  • Eyes: Teal; round
  • Hair: None

Starfleet Information

  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Current Post: U.S.S. Aldrin
  • Position: Chief Engineer


Hayar University, Tarkalea: Engineering
  • Majors: Basic Engineering, Starship Components, Computer Diagnostics, Warp Theory
Starfleet Academy: Operations division; Engineering
  • Majors: Warp Design, Advanced Subspace Geometry, Robotics, Stastical Mechanics
  • Minors: Temporal Mechanics, Quantum Chemistry, Astrophysics, Transporter Theory, Turn-of-the-Millenium Technology, Acoustical Engineering, Biochemistry

Family/Background Information

Since the time he was able to hold a tricorder, Tyrek always had an aptitude for mechanics. Raised around technology, it was practically destined he would prosper in the field, with his father a professor, and mother the Dean of Engineering at Hayar University on Tarkalea. By the age of four, he could completely disassemble a tricorder and return it to proper working order. His parents wanted him to live on Tarkalea, and follow in their steps as educators, but he had other ideas. In his adolescent years, he always looked for the next biggest piece of technology to learn, analyze, and master. He began to travel throughout the Federation in order to satiate his appetite for learning, by experiencing other cultures and technologies.

He eventually settled on Earth, living and traveling throughout Europe during his thirties and applied to Starfleet Academy at the age of forty-one. Initially studying solely in Operations, he shifted his major to Engineering with a minor in Science. His professors at the Academy often referred to Tyrek as a prodigy in the Engineering field, as he could study and comprehend almost any piece of technology and solve nearly every problem he came across. He graduated as the saludatorian for his class, and granted a privileged commission at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade on the U.S.S. Circinus, and earned the rank of Lieutenant and Chief Engineer in only a matter of months.

After some time, Tyrek took a leave of absence to return to Tarkalea for some rest and to spend time with his father who'd fallen ill. A few months later, Herall passed away, and Tyrek stayed home for a few more months to assist his mother. When he'd returned to Starfleet, he'd heard of a new posting on the newly commissioned U.S.S. Aldrin. He was offered a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineer position, which he accepted.

Tyrek is a practitioner of the Tarkalean martial arts style Nunea-Ko, which can involve the use of various weapons, in various wielding styles, or direct hand-to-hand style. The primary purpose of Nunea-Ko is finding balance while facing adversity, in order to keep a calm mind in high-stress situations.

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