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Nick: Daktris
Nick: Daktris
Nick: Daktris
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Ensign Image
Ensign Daktris
   Species: Aaamazzarite
   Gender: Male
   Age: 30 to 35
   Height: 178 - 185 cm
Eyes: Black , Small
Hair: None, None
Skin: Yellow
Distinct Features: Head: none; Body: average bipedal Aaamazzarite
Build/Posture: Average
Clothing: Self-made Starfleet uniform with traditional Aaamazzarite robes (standard uniform for Aaamazzarites)
Equipment: Often quickly makes own tools/equipment
Vocal Quality: Baritone
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Daktris
Title/Rank: Ensign
Position/Occupation: Engineer, Engineering
Core Grade: O01
Sim: USS Hermes

Biography for Ensign Daktris

Starfleet Service Record Serial Number: SK-843-997

Name: Daktris
Species: Aaamazzarite
Birthplace: 5th Sac Warren, Grontis, Therbia, Aaamazzara, Epsilon Serpentis system
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 103 kg
Age: 35 standard years

Awards and Publications:
-Starfleet Academy class of 2379
-Winner of Graydon Starfleet Academy Art prize in 2377
-Grand Prize winner of Olaf Stapledon Award for Comparative Xeno-Sociology in 2387 for his thesis: A Contrast in Societal Responses to Negative First Contacts: Tezwa After the Arbosa-Lo Incursion and Zakdorn After the Rebliss Affair
-Editor of UFP report on the First Contact with the Tob-La-Rone civilization 2390

-Researcher- Federation First Contact Bureau- extended detachment
-Mission Specialist- USS Tuscaloosa NCC-37138 Merced class- Tezwa Relief Mission Cultural Specialist
-Mission Specialist- USS Seaview NCC-57577 Challenger class- Short duration contact specialist
-Chief of Staff- UFP Department of External Affairs- Tob-La-Rone Workgroup
-Engineering Officer and A&A Officer- USS Hermes NCC-4501-F Luna Class

Daktris, like most native Aaamazzarites, makes most personal items out of a biochemical that is excreted though his mouth. His matriarchal line (families on Aaamazzara are mainly loose associations between mothers and children due to the Aaamazzartie reproductive system) started and maintains the GLOMALCO trading firm based in the city of Grontis on Aaamazzara that is well known quadrant wide for trading in Aaamazzarite spun products, kevas and distilled beverages. His mother has been the head of the ship maintenance section of the GLOMALCO shipping fleet and Daktris spent his early years by helping his mother keep the shipping fleet in good repair as a warp maintenance engineer (Aaamazzarite reproduction traditionally has been triggered when the female needs a labor force for a project, since they have short gestational and formative periods Daktris was repairing warp engines within four standard years after his birth) He is physically average (which is similar to a human with the proportional strength of a spider) and has a 78th percentile rank in Aaamazzarite biochemical spinning, the highest percentile ranking of any member of Starfleet.

At the Academy he concentrated in First Contact studies as a protégé of Zardoz of Tiburon, the foremost First Contact scholar in the Federation. His minor was in warp propultion and was drawn to the promise of the long range exploration mission of the then-building Luna class starship and attended seminars by Luna class designer Dr. Xin Ra-Havreii and worked on the prototype USS Luna before its destruction. During his second year at the Academy he entered a personally-spun suite of living room furniture and won the Graydon Prize. He graduated fiftieth in his class in 2379.

After graduation he spent time as a researcher for the First Contact Bureau to work on his thesis which he completed after participating in the Tezwa Relief Mission by exchanges with scholars and researchers on that planet. After winning the highest award in Comparative Xeno-Sociology for his work he sought out a short starship assignment to gain field experience in First Contact situations from the Starfleet perspective. While on that assignment, the USS Seaview encountered explorer ship Nougat Triangle Forever (as the current language algorithm reads) of the Tob-La-Rone , a previously unknown civilization in the Zeta 900 region. After Seaview returned to Federation space Daktris was assigned to the Tob-La-Rone working group of the UFP Department of External Affairs to make the preliminary report to the Federation Council on establishing relations. After the working group finalized its report Daktris requested another deep space assignment. While on Seaview he was crosstrained for work in engineering and operations.

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