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Nick: Dair
Nick: Dair
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Image
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ciaran Alasdair MacArdry
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 20 to 35
   Height: 191 - 198 cm
Eyes: Stormcloud blue gray
Hair: Deep red, Long, pulled back into a ponytail and braided
Skin: Ruddy
Build/Posture: Muscular
Accessories: Tartan plaid and pennanular brooch
Equipment: Sgian Dubh tucked in his boot
Vocal Quality: Musical baritone but extreme Scottish brogue
Telepathy: Empathic with the ability to take wounds into himself from another and then heal in himself the wounds so taken, slightly telepathic
Duty Status: Active
Name: Ciaran Alasdair MacArdry
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position/Occupation: Medical Officer, Medical Center
Core Grade: O02
Sim: Outpost Phoenix

Biography for Lieutenant Junior Grade Ciaran Alasdair MacArdry

NAME: Ciaran Alasdair 'Dair' MacArdry
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
ASSIGNMENT:Medical - Outpost Phoenix


AGE: 29
HAIR COLOR: deep red
EYE COLOR: Storm cloud Blue-Gray


HOME: New Gwynedd

INTERESTS: Cooking, Chess, Xenoherbalism, Metaphysics, Martial Arts, Music (Harp and Bagpipes, both on board), Electronics, Fencing( He has a laser edged claymore he practices with)


Marital Status: Single

Parents:Laird Malcolm and Lady Kathryn MacArdry, both deceased

Next of Kin : Lt Lochlann MacArdry, AMO USS Magistrate

Other Family: Lt Kaylia Moraig MacArdry, CSCI, USS Vanguard; Caulay; Seamus and Dhughal (twins); Eachan; and Ens. Bevin Sile MacArdry, MO USS Stargazer ( all Civilians home on New Gwynedd)

Laas College : graduated Pre-Med, summa cum laude
Grecotha College: Graduated summa cum laude MD, emphasis on Trauma Management and Surgery
University of New Gwynedd- Rhemuth: post doctorial work specializing in Xenobiology
Vulcan Medical Arts Institute: Studies in Adaptive Techniques

USS Okote: AMO/ Flight Surgeon for fighter squadron
USS Livingston: AMO
USS Cadecus: AMO
USS Hermes: Medical Officer
USS Independence AMO
USS Atlantis CMO

Personal History:
Born to one of the titled families on New Gwynedd, Ciaran, or "Dair" as he came to be known, had been selected, because of the strength of his healing gifts, to become the personal physician to the crown prince of the land, a young playboy type named Jas McLain. Dair had to learn fast to make sure that the playboy prince stayed out of trouble, for there were assassins waiting around each corner for the prince and not all of them were male. Jas, finally, made it to the throne and Dair asked permission to learn more about other lands as well for the Prince. Given permission and the unofficial status of cultural ambassador, Dair went to Vulcan to study more then joined Starfleet to broaden his experiences with other races. He sends back regular reports on the races he meets to Jas and they keep a close friendship going over all the light years. Hearing tales of the Borg, he sent the info to Jas, warning him of the situation and telling him to take all precautions for their people. He only prays that the message gets there in time and there is something that can be done to prevent them from being wiped out by those cubes.

Xenobiological Trauma and Empathic Healing/Stabilization

(he has ONE extra special ability similar to Gem in ST:TOS "The Empath" He can heal one person entirely per game month OR he can stabilize 5 critical or 10 serious patients at a time while others work on them but he is unable to work on them himself because of the intense concentration it takes )

None so far.

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