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Lieutenant Image
Lieutenant Jacob Benjamin Edwards
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 25 to 30
   Height: 178 - 185 cm
Eyes: Blue, Small
Hair: Dark Brown, Short,Curly
Skin: Caucassion
Build/Posture: Average
Accessories: Family Ring on right ring finger and wedding ring on left ring finger
Vocal Quality: Smooth
Duty Status: Active
Name: Jacob Benjamin Edwards
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Chief Tactical/Security
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Independence

Biography for Lieutenant Jacob Benjamin Edwards

Name:Jacob Benjamin Edwards


Date of Birth:41525.84(July 11th,2364)


Previous Assignment(s):
Security/Tactical Officer on board the USS Lothlorien under the command of Captain Cay'leb Crain

Current Assignment:
Security/Tactical Officer on board the USS Independence under the command of Captain Adam McMahon

Father-Daniel Frank Edwards DOB-July 16th,2335 Occupation-Construction Worker(Retired)
Mother-Samantha Kim Edwards DOB-October 10th,2340


Martial Status:
Married to Kirei Edwards

Fawn Chaplin-Stepdaughter
Dave Chaplin-Stepson
Archer Edwards-Son
Galaxy Edwards-Daughter

Born on July 11th,2364 in San Fransisco,Ca,Jacob Edwards was born with a passion to enlist in Starfleet and loves everything about it. His mother Samantha was a chef and his father Daniel was a construction worker. He went to Starfleet Elementary when he was 8 years old. He met a young Orion girl name Kirei Chaplin when he was 10. On May 24th,2378,he attended an event to welcome home the Voyager crew after they were stranded for seven years in the Delta Quadrant. He was so happy to meet the crew in person and was able to get a picture which he currently has today. A month later,he went aboard the USS Voyager with Kirei,her brother Taki,their father Peter Snow and their mother Tammy due to an terrible issue from school. He was excited to be on Voyager and to be with the crew once again. He spent the next three years on Voyager learning the Security/Tactical Position from Commander Tuvok. He even served as an Ensign on board Voyager along with Kirei,Taki and Jessica. After the return to earth,Jacob said his goodbyes to his childhood friends and move to Florida with his parents. He has been more interested in returning to San Fransisco one day to enlist in Starfleet. At the age of 13,he began an early studying on the Federation. He learned warp drive was invented by Zefram Cochrane and created the Phoenix and made First Contact with Vulcans on April 5th,2063. In the year 2151,Starfleet had created the first warp capable Starship Enterprise NX-01(NX Class)under the command of Captain Johnathan Archer. In the year 2161,the United Federation Of Planets was founded by Archer and many other species. He also learned the adventures of Captain Kirk and his crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701(Constitution Class). He basically learned it all for 5 years. On his 18th birthday,he left his parents house and took the next transport to San Fransisco to enlist in Starfleet Academy as he promised himself. He enlisted in the Security and Tactical Class in the Academy and also took the Field Medic Class. 5 years later,he graduated from the Academy. He joined the USS Lothlorien on Stardate 66029.79(January 11th,2389)as Security/Tactical Officer. On Stardate 66468.26 (June 20th,2389),he said his goodbyes to the crew of the Lothlorien and transferred to the USS Independence with Kirei Chaplin.

Academy Record:
Top of his class in Security/Tactical
Took the Field Medic course and was at the top three of his class
Took Starfleet History and was at the top of his class.

Hand-To-Hand Combat,Weapons Class,Starfleet History,Field Medic

Personal Hobbies:
Loves Starfleet and it's history.
Loves cooking.
Loves music and plays instruments.
Collects paintings of famous Federation Starships
Collects minature models of Federation Starships

Starfleet Record:
Join Starfleet Academy on SD 59524.42(July 11th,2382)
Graduated the Academy on SD 64366.09 (May 14th,2387)
Joined the USS Lothlorien on SD 201301.11
Transferred to the USS Independence on SD 201306.20

Promotion Record:
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on SD 201302.22
Promoted to Lieutenant on SD 201408.28

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