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Nick: CerseiNaal
Nick: CerseiNaal
Nick: CerseiNaal
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Fleet Captain Image
Fleet Captain Cersei Anya Naal
USF Host
   Species: Trill
   Gender: Female
   Age: 25 to 35
   Height: 140 - 146 cm
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown, Corn rows
Skin: Light brown
Distinct Features: Head: light Trill spots
Build/Posture: Mousy, Playful
Clothing: Standard
Accessories: None
Vocal Quality: Childish
Telepathy: Cannot read thoughts
Duty Status: Active
Name: Cersei Anya Naal
Title/Rank: Fleet Captain
Position/Occupation: Commanding Officer
Core Grade: O08
Sim: USS Aldrin

Biography for Fleet Captain Cersei Anya Naal

Starfleet Department of Records:
Docket Number: 842-39-14CAN


Naal, Cersei Anya

1) Status

Rank: Captain
Current Assignment: USS Aldrin
Department: Command
Current Post: Commanding Officer
Executive Officer: Commander Yari Nazir

2) Physical Description

Race: Trill (joined)
Previous Hosts: Lysiah Eryn Naal, concert pianist; Stefan Marco Naal, security; Rinae Lana Naal, chemist
Age: 37 years (host), 276 years (symbiont)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 157 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown, styled in cornrows
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Light brown
Distinguishing Features: Light Trill spots 

3) Family
Mother: Marlana Essux Havena, 68 years old, retired school teacher
Father: Walten Scott Havena, 72 years old, retired woodworker
Siblings: none
Spouse: Commander K’hevok (common law), 1/2 Klingon, 1/2 Vulcan
Children: Khelina Sarea Naal, 5 years, 1/2 Klingon, 1/4 quarter Romulan, 1/4 quarter Trill

3) Background

Cersei Anya Havena led a simple life on Trill, and studied to become a host as soon as she was able.  She received certification and while awaiting a symbiont, she stayed close to the Commission, working odd jobs.  By staying in constant contact with the Commission, Cersei’s name came up when the Naal symbiont lost their host.  Three months later, the desire to travel drove Naal to Sector 001, where Starfleet Academy was sure to give her a new and exciting experience. 

During her tenure on the Aldrin, Cersei was kidnapped by a megalomaniac geneticist named Vaughn Barron.  He kept a colony of women from many different races on a moon between Klingon and Romulan space and attempted to engineer a perfect weapon to send the opposing races into war.  The Aldrin was close enough to perform a rescue but not before Naal had been impregnated.  The genetically altered child was born just five months later.

4) Starfleet Background

An excellent study, Cersei graduated as an operations officer and was assigned to the USS Columbia.  She rose to the rank of Lieutenant and was promoted to the Chief of Operations position.  The Columbia returned to Sector 001 in Cersei’s third year of service and she requested a transfer, desiring a new challenge.  She was then assigned to the Utopia planet yards as an Operations Coordinator.  Her latest project, a nearly-completed Discovery class vessel, excited Cersei and she requested another transfer, this time, to the very ship she’d helped put together, the new USS Aldrin.

After the birth of her daughter, Cersei transferred to Starfleet Headquarters and was assigned a desk job while doctors studied her daughter.  Khelina grew fast and gained cognitive skills much faster than normal.

While serving as an ambassador on the Aldrin, the current commanding officer and executive officer were rendered unable to serve during a mission.  Admiral Lindy Schwartz contacted Naal and reinstated her rank of Captain to have her take over command of the ship.

5) Psychological Profile

A bright and bubbly personality accompany Cersei’s hunger for knowledge.  She is free-spirited, open-minded and easily makes friends.  Cersei sings jazz as a hobby, complimented by Naal’s previous host, Lysiah, a pianist.  The Naal symbiont is known for their flightiness.

Classified:  Level 10 authorization required …

While doctors were studying Khelina, Cersei was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence for a mission that would send her deep undercover to Trill.  She only agreed after her daughter’s life was threatened.  Cersei reluctantly worked for three years to help stop the rise of a terrorist faction hiding on her homeworld.  When she returned to Sector 001, she took her daughter back and accepted the next commission offered to her - Ambassador to Trill.  She chose to fulfill her post on board the USS Aldrin so that she could reunite with her love, K’hevok.

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