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Captain Image
Captain Zachary Taylor
USF Host
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 40 to 50
   Height: 173 - 180 cm
Eyes: Green
Hair: Gray, Short
Skin: Caucasian
Build/Posture: Athletic but beginning to age
Vocal Quality: Baritone
Duty Status: Active
Name: Zachary Taylor
Title/Rank: Captain
Position/Occupation: Commanding Officer
Core Grade: O07
Sim: USS Darmok

Biography for Captain Zachary Taylor


Ensign Al Thums
 =V=  #G#  =V=  #B#  =V=                 

File Updated Stardate 201809.22

Current Assignment: Assistant Engineer, USS Darmok

Name: Alonso "Al" Thums
Species: Human
Height: 5 ft., 8 in.
Weight: 190 lbs.
Age: 29 Std. Yrs.
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Location Of Birth: Lafayette, Louisiana, North America, Earth
Genetic Parents: Father - Boudreaux Thums; Mother - Cherie Thums
Sibling: Brother - Sorr Thums
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Physical Description:
.  Classic "Cajun", darker than normal caucasian, slightly overweight, curly dark hair, bright blue eyes.

.  Al seems to be "cursed", and claims he truly is cursed by a voodoo queen of the Louisiana swamps. He is often present when things go wrong, and often enough is at fault. But in spite of his bad luck, he keeps good spirits. He is friendly and outgoing and trusting to a fault.

.  Al was born and raised in south central Louisiana in the heart of the ancient Acadian country. He squeaked through public schooling without major incident. He fell in love just out of high school with a much older woman, Ann Marie Loveaux, but she ended up leaving him. It is this woman that Al claims cursed him with "voodoo magic". Ever since he's been an icon of bad luck.

Psychological profile:
.  While unusually unlucky, Al stays in good spirits and is well adjusted.

Starfleet History:
.  Al enlisted in Starfleet as a lowly Crewman just after being dumped by Miss Loveaux. He managed to slowly work his way up to Chief Petty Officer and applied for Starfleet Academy to begin Officer Training. He was denied on his first application, failed the entrance exam on the second, but was finally admitted on his third try.
.  Al barely managed to survive Starfleet Academy and was on the verge of being expelled several times for various accidents and poor grades. But in the end, he graduated (near the bottom of the class) and was awarded his Ensign rank.
.  He was assigned to the USS Sojourner and boarded at Deep Space Nine on SD 200306.25. Unfortunately, soon after arrival, he came down with Rigellian Fever and had to spend a week in quarantine, and another week recovering in his quarters.
.  Throughout the intervening years, Al has drifted from ship to station to outpost and back. Usually he is transferred (a request often initiated by his Department Head or Commanding Officer). On a few occassions he has requested transfer (as in when he requested a transfer away from the frozen glaciers of Outpost Icepack). A few times he had to be transferred to a medical facility to recover and then was reassigned.
.  In all those years he has never received a promotion. He does, however, have several Awards as listed below:

 =V= Purple Heart (wounded in combat)
 #G# Gamma Cluster (long-term service to the Federation in the Gamma Quad)
  {awarded for service on the Sojourner}
 =V= Purple Heart (wounded in combat)
 #B# Beta Cluster (long-term service to the Federation in the Beta Quad)
  {awarded for multiple service posts scattered through the Beta Quad}
 =V= Purple Heart (wounded in combat)

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