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Nick: CaptZak
Nick: CaptZak
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Captain Image
Captain Zachary Taylor
USF Host
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 40 to 50
   Height: 173 - 180 cm
Eyes: Green
Hair: Gray, Short
Skin: Caucasian
Build/Posture: Athletic but beginning to age
Vocal Quality: Baritone
Duty Status: Active
Name: Zachary Taylor
Title/Rank: Captain
Position/Occupation: Commanding Officer
Core Grade: O07
Sim: USS Darmok

Biography for Captain Zachary Taylor

SD 201809.10

Captain Zachary "Zak" Taylor
>+< =O= =!!=
=$= #B# =#= ~o~

Commanding Officer, USS Darmok


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Gray, short
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Build: Athletic but beginning to age
Voice: Baritone


Father: Professor Angus Taylor (deceased), formerly Structural Engineering instructor at Louisiana Technical College
Mother: Bessie Mae Brocc Taylor (deceased), homemaker
Siblings: One brother and one sister, both younger, neither Starfleet
Marital Status: Widower (wife, Donella, died 7 years ago)
Children: Marcus Taylor, age 20, cadet at Starfleet Academy
Birthplace: Northwest Louisiana, United States, Earth

. Captain Zachary Taylor, "Zak" to those he considers friends, was a "tough guy" back when he was a teenager, bordering on bully. He played all those tough guy sports and grew into a "jock" as he entered high school. Then he met Donella Cochran and everything changed.
. Donella was a bona-fide genius and had volunteered in a tutoring program for students who were struggling with advanced subjects. Zak was having some trouble with math (mostly because he didn't try very hard) and Donella was selected to help him out.
. As things go, they fell in love, but Donella didn't care for "jocks", and Zak hadn't realized he was smarter than he acted. Eventually, Zak became a "smart guy" instead of a "tough guy", and eventually graduated with honors (though he'd also lettered as the Champion Quarterback for the football team two years running).
. Zak and Donella married and Zak enrolled at Starfleet Academy in the Engineering Division. Donella taught math at a nearby Junior High School and they lived in a small apartment just off campus of the Academy, and not long after (a year or so), they had their son, Marcus. After Zak's graduation from Starfleet Academy, he convinced Donella to move with him and their son aboard the USS Sirocco, a small patrol ship doing runs within the Alpha Quadrant, into small family quarters.
. Zak and his small family lived happily aboard the Sirocco for several years, again with Donella teaching math to the few adolescents aboard, until Zak heard of the opportunity to transfer to Operations aboard the USS Nautilus, a cruiser working in the Beta Quadrant. He saw this as a chance to get out of "the dungeons" of the Engineering Decks and get a "gravy train" job on the Bridge.
. Life was normal on the Nautilus for only a few months before tragedy struck. Donella and Marcus had taken a Holiday Season trip (Zak was unable to join them due to his duties as Chief of Operations). There was a malfunction in the navigation systems of the shuttle they were in and it crashed. Several passengers were seriously injured, Marcus among them. The pilot and Donella were killed when the forward section of the shuttle collapsed on impact. Father and son took some time to recover from injuries and grief.
. But, as things do, life eventually returned to a new normal. As a single dad raising a young boy while juggling the responsibility of managing the day-to-day operations of a Starfleet Cruiser, Zak and Marcus grew closer. Soon it became obvious that Marcus seemed destined to be a Starfleet Officer in his own right, showing his mother's intelligence and his father's stubbornness.
. Finally Zak was promoted to Commander and made the Executive Officer of the Nautilus. His son enrolled in Starfleet Academy shortly thereafter. A couple years have passed and now Zak has been offered command of the Darmok, the former flagship of the Vice Admiral, Ahrele Johannsen, and a fine reconnaissance craft. He couldn't pass on the honor.
. Recently, the crew of the Darmok awarded Zak the "Grass Wreath", an award tracing its origin all the way back to the Roman Empire of Earth where soldiers would weave together the various grasses harvested from a battlefield and present the wreath to their commanders in recognition of their leadership. The crew declared they were awarding the Wreath in recognition of their new Captain's attention to detail and the reinstatement of granting Awards to the Crew.

201809.07 = Awarded the Grass Wreath by crew of the USS Darmok
201805.01 = Promotion to Captain, assigned command of USS Darmok
201609.01 = Son, Marcus, enrolled at Starfleet Academy as Cadet in Sciences Division
201606.25 = Promotion to Commander, Executive Officer, USS Nautilus
201111.11 = Death of Donella Taylor in shuttle crash
201107.12 = Promotion to Lt. Cmdr., Chief of Operations, USS Nautilus
200710.17 = Promotion to Fst. Lt., Operations Officer, USS Nautilus
200401.15 = Promotion to Lt., Engineering Officer, USS Sirocco
200211.01 = Promotion to LtJG, Engineering Officer, USS Sirocco
200006.01 = Graduation from Academy as Ensign, assigned to USS Sirocco
199805.14 = Birth of son, Marcus
199706.12 = Married Donella Cochran
199606.01 = Graduated High School, enrolled Starfleet Academy

>+< Distinguished Service Medal (heroic performance at risk of own life)
{awarded while XO of the Nautilus)}
=O= Captain's Commendation (discretionary to CO)
{awarded as LtCmdr on the Nautilus}
=!!= Commander's Commendation (discretionary to XO)
{awarded when FstLt on the Nautilus}
=$= Gold Medallion (exceptional log writing)
{legacy award from past USF performance, awarded when FstLt}
#B# Beta Cluster (long-term service to the Federation in the Beta Quad)
{awarded upon transfer from the Sirocco to the Nautilus}
=#= Silver Medallion (exceptional attendance)
{legacy award from past USF performance, awarded when LtJG}
~o~ Grass Wreath (awarded by Crew to designated leader)
{awarded by Crew for attention to detail and reinstating Awards}

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