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Nick: Calvin
Nick: Calvin
Nick: Calvin
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Commander Image
Commander Floyd Calvin
USF Host
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 50 to 55
   Height: 173 - 180 cm
Eyes: Black, Reflective
Hair: Black, Short
Skin: Dark tan
Distinct Features: Head: Scar on left jawbone
Build/Posture: Stocky
Vocal Quality: Gravley
Duty Status: Active
Name: Floyd Calvin
Title/Rank: Commander
Position/Occupation: First Officer
Core Grade: O06
Sim: USS Federation

Biography for Commander Floyd Calvin

Biography for Commander Floyd Calvin

LCARS File No. 3249210
For: Calvin, Floyd
Rank: Commander
Current Assignment: Executive Officer, USS Federation
Date: August 30, 2155

Personal Information
Name: Calvin, Floyd
Age: 51
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: AmeriCanadian Indian
Date of Birth: February 14, 2099
Place of Birth: Classified
Mother: Jesse Floyd Joseph, Squamish (BC, Canada)
Father: Calvin Hastings, Hopi (Arizona, USA)
Siblings: Classified
Spouse: Single
Children: Classified

Background in Personal Life
Due to the nature of Cdr Calvin's duties, personal data is restricted to Level 10.

Physical Perameters
Height: 5'11
Weight: 188 Lbs.
Species: Human
Build: Medium
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Skin Tone: Tanned

Psychological :
Due to the nature of Cdr Calvin's duties, personal data is restricted to Level 10.

United Earth Starfleet Profile
Majors: Interspecies Ralations, Political Relations, Political Warfare,
Minors: Intercultural Anatomy, Multiple Languages (Vulcan, Klingon, Various Earth languages)
Extracurricular Activities:
- Intercultural Studies Program (1 year)
- Starfleet Martial Arts (Wushu) Teacher (2 Years)
Starfleet Cadet Awards:
- Special recognition for Intercultural Studies
Assignment History:
- 03/13/2134 Assigned to investigate the theft of a number of Augment embryos from Cold Station 12.
- 02/11/2135 Assigned to the HMS New Zealand
- 03/21/2137 Assigned to the SS Buckaroo Banzai for the Planet 10 mission near the Ficus sector.
- 08/27/2140 Returned to Earth to study the Romulan psyche
- 04/17/2144 Led the special force that captured Arik Soong, in the Trialas system, closing the case of the Augment theft
- 06/24/2147 Operations Directed the research on the use of force fields
- 11/11/2149 Assigned to the United Earth Government
- 10/28/2151 Assigned to investigate the destruction of the facility on P'Jem by the Andorians
- 04/19/2152 Special warfare operator Investigate the Romulan minefield situation.
- 03/27/2153 Assigned to the USS Brisbane

Rank History:
- Promoted to Ensign on 05/29/2128
- Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on SD 07/21/2131
- Promoted to Lieutenant on SD 08/14/2136
- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander on SD 02/17/2138
- Promoted to Commander on 05/25/2144

Current Rank: Commander

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