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Nick: Ameena
Nick: Ameena
Nick: Ameena
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Lieutenant Image
Lieutenant Ameena Sedar Ciamli
   Species: Khadidran
   Gender: Female
   Age: 25 to 32
   Height: 176 - 183 cm
Eyes: Deep purple, Almond shaped
Hair: Silvery white, Straight, mid-back length
Skin: Smooth, dark grey
Distinct Features: Head: Vulcan-like pointed ears
Build/Posture: Lithe, Feminine swagger
Clothing: Standard
Accessories: Dracon-hide wrist cuffs
Vocal Quality: Smooth, sensual, Latin-like accent
Telepathy: Minor telepathic ability
Duty Status: Active
Name: Ameena Sedar Ciamli
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Assistant Security Officer
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Aldrin

Biography for Lieutenant Ameena Sedar Ciamli

Starfleet Department of Records
Docket Number: 6851-41782-ASC


Ciamli, Ameena Sedar

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Current Assignment: USS Darmok
Department: Security
Current Post: Assistant Security Officer
Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Ahrele Oliver Johannson
Executive Officer: Fleet Captain Damara Seven

Physical Description
Race: Khadidran
Age: 28 Terran years
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 164 lbs
Hair Color: Silver/white (straight, mid-back length)
Eye Color: Dark purple
Skin Color: Medium grey
Distinguishing Features: Vulcan-like pointed ears

Personal Background
Mother: Messani Reana Ciamli, 53 Terran years
Father: Cosutan Dickon (Mallister) Ciamli, 60 Terran years
Siblings: Drenaal Imyra Ciamli, sister, 32 Terran years
Rulaita Enaari Ciamli, sister, 30 Terran years
Kinulu Cosoar (Ciamli) Nephrius, brother, 29 Terran years

Khadidra is a small planet in the Mandella system. Its surface is mostly ice with an average temperature of -19 degrees Celsius. Windstorms also batter the rocky landscape. The population of Khadidra lives underground in a vast network of caves that are habitable due to the molten core of the planet keeping the caves warmer than the surface and a large water system that constantly flows because of the melting ice just below the surface.

Khadidrans are very similar to Terrans in physiology. They have light to medium grey skin, stand on average 5'8” to 6'5”, silver or white hair, dark eyes (maroon, blue, green, violet), and elegant features. Prominent families have strong telepathic abilities, ranking in the top twenty percent by Starfleet standards. Most of their abilities manifest as telepathy, empathy and/or telekinesis. Khadidrans live to be up to 800 years old by their standard. A Terran year is equivalent to three and a half Khadidran years, which are measured by the flow of the underground rivers.

Khadidran society is matriarchal. The government is run by a Grand Matron, who oversees the Shahaan, Khadidra’s ruling house of delegates (matrons from higher class families). Khadidra joined the United Federation of Planets and set up trade, as their dracon hide garments are viewed as exquisite works of art. Very few are produced, so they are quite the commodity. Khadidra also exports llana wine, a fermented drink made from an underground fruit that has a taste similar to the Terran kiwi-strawberry combination. Starfleet installed a science outpost on the surface of Khadidra.

Born to a middle-class family on Khadidra, Ameena is the youngest daughter of Messani Ciamli. Following family traditions, Ameena attended the Drakhar, a military school. She excelled in the twin sword or uwanha style of fighting, and is also formidable with bow and arrow. Once she completed her courses at the Drakhar, Ameena attended Peshanad, the university, which is usually reserved for upper-class women. An arranged marriage into the Nephrius family granted Ameena and her sisters acceptance into the elite school. She took an interest in the Starfleet outpost on the surface and the commanding officer wrote her letter of recommendation into Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Background

Always an over-achiever, Ameena majored in both Security and Science at the Academy. Her class mates developed a healthy animosity toward the Khadidran, leaving her without a social life. The cadet focused on her studies, needing only her success to drive her. Ameena graduated in the top 10 percentile in her majors, though several incidents involving other cadets marred her record. It was six months after her graduation before Ciamli was assigned to the USS Darmok.

Psychological Profile

As is typical for Khadidran women, Ameena is very confident, poised and regal in her mannerisms. She is intelligent, witty, and very sensuous. Her demeanor has caused a few problems due to culture clashes, as in most societies, women are considered inferior to men, which is untrue of Khadidran society. Ameena is becoming more aware of the social differences between her culture and others, and does take that into account when interacting with others. Her telepathic abilities manifest as telepathy.

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