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Nick: AmberLynn
Nick: AmberLynn
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First Lieutenant Image
First Lieutenant Amber Lynn Briggs
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Amber Lynn Briggs
Title/Rank: First Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Operations/Helm
Core Grade: O04
Sim: USS Aldrin

Biography for First Lieutenant Amber Lynn Briggs

Amber Briggs

Age: 16 (biological), 23 (mental)
Species: one half Klingon, one quarter Human, one quarter Betazoid
Hair: Dark brown, straight, shoulder-length
Eyes: Dark blue
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
Weight: 145 pounds
Distinguishing Marks: Klingon forehead ridges, full back piece tattoo (rose garden with butterflies)

Mother: Molly Briggs
Father: unknown Klingon male
Siblings: none
Extended Family: Jason Briggs (uncle), Locke Briggs (uncle)

Amber Briggs was born in the outer stretches of space along the Romulan Neutral Zone with the United Federation of Planets. Molly Briggs, a first time mother, kept company with unsavory types of people, which resulted in Amber Briggs’ abduction as an infant. The man who kidnapped her, Brian Richards, was the owner and CEO of a large corporation, and one of Molly’s many ‘employers’, that had dealings in all sorts of illegal activity, including DNA resequencing. Amber’s age was advanced seven years through molecular progression, complete with fabricated memories of a luxurious childhood. When Molly finally found her daughter, she took Amber back into her care and moved to Earth.

After experiencing a ‘good life’ in her younger years, Amber was given quite the culture shock of living a poorer lifestyle in New York City. Molly became involved with objectionable people and her life spiraled into drug use and violence. Jason and Locke Briggs visited from time to time, and after a disturbing incident, they removed Molly’s daughter from her care. Amber was placed in a boarding school and rarely heard from her mother after. Her uncles kept in close contact, however. She excelled in a broad area of studies and applied to Starfleet Academy twice before being accepted.

Amber approached her career within Starfleet as a farewell to her past, and looked forward to a future filled with multitudes of possibility. After taking the general courses introducing cadets to career opportunities, Amber knew her path would be Operations/Helm. She had a knack for staying on top of things and keeping organized. The hybrid also excelled in Starship Maneuvering.

SD 199309.01 – Amber Briggs born
SD 199403.22 – Abducted by Brian Richards, CEO of Shadow Incorporated
SD 199407.12 – Recovered, aged 7 seven years
SD 200011.04 – Jason and Locke Briggs remove Amber from home
SD 200101.06 – Placed in Marrowgate School for Girls, upstate New York
SD 200407.30 – Applied to Starfleet Academy, denied
SD 200507.25 – Applied to Starfleet Academy, accepted
SD 200905.17 – Graduated from Starfleet Academy, promoted to Ensign
SD 200908.10 – Assigned to USS Eclipse, CO Fleet Captain Ryan-Marshall
SD 200910.01 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

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