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Nick: Alison
Nick: Alison
Nick: Alison
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Counselor Alison
   Species: Human
   Gender: Female
   Age: 21 to 25
   Height: 158 - 164 cm
Eyes: Blue, Big, round
Hair: Light brown, brown, Flowing
Skin: White
Build/Posture: Thin, slightly athletic, Feminine swagger
Clothing: Standard uniform
Equipment: None
Vocal Quality: Squeaky high pitch
Telepathy: Half betazoid, can sense feelings
Duty Status: Active
Name: Alison
Title/Rank: Counselor
Core Grade: O01
Sim: USS Roddenberry

Biography for Counselor Alison

So, who am i? I often find myself trying to answer that question. I'm not even sure who I am.

I know that my mother was a starfleet officer, from Earth, but I don't know where on Earth she was from. Only, from the few images I have of her that she was beautiful, and that we have many of the same features. But she was taller. Much taller. I'm just a petite thing, and she looked like she could take on any Klingon and still look pretty while doing it. I have no other memory of her.

My father, where can I begin. He was from Betazed. He raised me. And he traveled. A lot. Dad was a starfleet commander, and always took me with him, except for when he went on away missions. He got his last promotion when I was still young. Ok, I still am young. I mean when I was much younger. A kid still. He spent the longest time leading the cartography departments of different ships in the fleet, even the department at starbase 75. His last promotion though, was as the first officer of the USS Tolstoy. He would never see another promotion again.

I inherited a lot from my father. Including my ability to sense what other people are feeling. But unlike my father, I can't read there minds. Dad had the gift. Of course, most betazoids can tell what most other people are thinking, depending on what species they are. But dad new what they were gonna say before they said it. All he had to do was look at your eyes and he could tell what you were gonna say next. I often got in trouble for saying things I never said, cuz he knew I was gonna say it.

Dad couldn't read the minds of the Borg tho.

On our last trip to earth, dad told me that I couldn't go on this mission he was about to undertake. I had to stay on Earth and finish school while living with my uncle instead. I didn't like it. I didn't like my uncle, and he didn't like me. But more I didn't like that my dad was leaving me for a mission he couldnt tell me about. He always told me everything. But not this time.

Then, after Wolf 359 happened, I learned why. My dad was selected, because of his "gift" to lead a team to negotiate with the Romulans to help defend Earth. In fact, i was given a copy of my dads last personal log, and in it he said that negotiations with the romulans failed, and that he feared Sector 001 was in grave danger. Meaning that he was convinced the end was coming. He was right.

He died in a hastily assembled fleet to make a last stand against the borg. Of course, the Enterprise stopped the borg, and I'm gratefule for that. But Locutus and company could not save my dad, and the thousands of others that died with him. I don't like the Enterprise and I don't like Picard. To me he is always Locutus, even if he did save
the earth a second time from the borg. To me thats just to convenent. Something tells me the Borg used that attack as a diversion. They were up to something else. I don't know if it was time travel, or something else. But i can sense it.

So what about me, now that you know about my past. Well, Im basically an orphan. My uncle tried. But he failed. I joined starfleet, cuz, there wasnt much other choice. I needed a job, and I wasn't good at much of anything. I like space, and I wanna find my mom. No one ever told me that she died, only that she went missing, and no one, not my dad, not my uncle, no one ever told me why. She just left. So i wanna find her, and find out why, even if she doesnt wanna be mom anymore. I've accepted that already.

But ya, I like space. The stars, despite how dangerous it is to be out there in them, there still the most beautiful things in the universe. Theres the oceans and beaches of Risa and even the parks and get aways on Betazed, but the stars are still prettier. And I like pretty.

Oh ya, im a counselor. I suppose you wanna know why Im that, when it sounds like I need one myself after all that. Well, I can tell what your feeling, and I know how to talk to people. I mean, they dont always like what I gotta say, but I just tell them whether they like it or not, cuz they need to hear it.

So don't make an appointment with me unless you wanna be told how it is, cuz another thing I remember my dad for is that I had a mouth, even though I'd get in trouble before using it. You can't do that to me, tho, so watch out.

Computer, end recording.

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