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Nick: Aliki
Nick: Aliki
Nick: Aliki
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C1 Image
Cadet Aliki
   Species: Kosiran
   Gender: Female
   Age: 15 to 18
   Height: 133 - 139 cm
Skin: Fair, Feathers: Blacks, Greys, and Whites
Distinct Features: Head: Beak, Feathered ears; Body: Wings, Feathered tail, Avian legs
Build/Posture: Petite, Child-like
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: Empathic
Duty Status: Active
Name: Aliki
Title/Rank: Cadet
Position/Occupation: First Year, Counseling Major
Core Grade: C1
Sim: Starfleet Academy

Biography for Cadet Aliki

Name: Aliki
Rank: Cadet - First Year, Counseling Major
Species: Kosiran

- Physical Description -

Age: 36 standard years (appears 17)
Height: 1.33 meters (4 foot 4 inches)
Weight: 30 kilograms (66 pounds)
Wingspan: 3 meters (9 foot 10 inches)
Feathers: variety of blacks, greys, and whites
Eyes: grey
Skin: tanned
Build: petite, child-like

- Personal History -

A hatchling from the Village of Asool, both her and her cluthmate where very unique among their species. Aside from being a clutch and not a single egg laid, the sisters demonstrate empathic abilities. Still considered young by their species standards, both have been chosen to leave the planet to join the Federation.


- Kosiran Species -

The Kosiran are a mono-sexed species that lays eggs. Typically a single egg, but clutches of two have been known to happen. On average they stand one point five meters and weigh thirty kilograms. Physically they have been described as being similar to Earth's mythological creatures known as harpies. Possessing no true arms they instead have wings that end with a single thumb-like appendage. For the average Kosiran, the wingspan is three meters. Digitigrades with a four-toed bird foot, each toe ends in a three to four-inch talon. Avian scales cover the feet until the knee, from which down-like feathers cover the upper thighs until fifteen to twenty centimeters from the hips. Feathers continue up the side of the hips and connect at the base of the spine, where a bird-like tail resides, resuming up the center of the back. Their heads are human-like in shape, however, they possess a short but sharp beak, larger eyes, and feathered ears which are typically long. Instead of pure hair, they have a mixture of hair and feathers. Outside of a small tuff of feathers on their chests and the spinal feathers, the rest of their torso is featherless. Their feathers contain a bioluminesence chemical that allows them to communicate during the planets long period of darkness, and are water repellent. The normal lifespan is one hundred and eighty standard years, the oldest being slightly over two centuries. However, they appear almost ageless maintaining a petite, child-like appearance even in old age. A recessive trait that periodically appears is empathy.

- Government and Society -

Consisting of five villages in total, these villages are represented by a matriarch. This position is not guaranteed and can be easily lost if the village decides on a new leader. These matriarchs meet and form a council, which determines the path which the species will take as a whole. Outside of the matriarchs, a 'religious' order consisting primarily empaths preform all ceremonial rituals for their respective villages.

- Homeworld -

The fourth planet in the Cygnas Alpha System. Classified as an M Class planet with an Earth-like atmosphere. With an eight-degree tilt, and a slow rotation it has a forty-five-hour day cycle. With little to no seasonal changes, there is a planet-wide rainforest type dense vegetation, with swamp-like features scattered across the surface, and a very high humidity. The local fauna and flora have evolved to have a natural bioluminescence like the Kosiran.

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