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Nick: AhreleJohannson
Nick: AhreleJohannson
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Vice Admiral Image
Vice Admiral Ahrele Oliver Johannson
Ret. USF Host
   Species: Betazoid
   Gender: Female
   Age: 40 to 45
Eyes: Dark, dark, green (almost black)
Hair: Brown
Build/Posture: Athletic
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: Telepathic
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Ahrele Oliver Johannson
Title/Rank: Vice Admiral
Position/Occupation: Commanding Officer
Core Grade: O11
Sim: USS Darmok

Biography for Vice Admiral Ahrele Oliver Johannson

Vice Admiral Ahrele Johannson
Commanding Officer USS Darmok

Full Name: Ahrele Miranda Johannson
Birthdate: November 9, 2335
Age: 47
Race: Betazoid
Sex: Female
Hair: Lt. Brown
Eyes: Dk Green
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 117 lbs

Ahrele is the youngest child of Darnell and Janaye Johannson. She was born on Betazed and grew up in a stable and happy home. Her father is a lawyer and her mother a botonist. She has one older brother, Duncan, who is the Betazoid ambassador to Earth, and a twin sister, Ariell, a retired admiral from Starfleet.

Ahrele developed a love for science from her mother, and decided to pursue a degree in science. Her brother helped her gain acceptance to the Vulcan Science Academy at the age of 18, while her twin sister Ariell decided to pursue a career with Starfleet and attended Starfleet Academy. Ahrele found it difficult at first to control her mind and emotions on Vulcan, but through training and exercises found that she gained a proficient ability to control her thoughts. This had the added benefit of helping her "tune out" her sister whom she is telepathically linked with. Ahrele graduated with honors at the age of 22 and accepted a job with Omicron Scientific Industries, a private scientific research facility. At OSI, Ahrele conducted research on Terraforming and attempted to develop a process that would speed up the completion rate of a project. Her work was interrupted by the disappearance of her sister and her subsequent admission to Starfleet Academy.

About a year after Ahrele took the position with OSI, her twin sister disappeared along with the rest of the Starfleet crew with whom she served and was presumed dead. Ahrele tried to convince Starfleet and her parents that Ariell was not dead, that she could sense her sister, but no one believed her. Ahrele decided that her only hope to find her sister was to join Starfleet and use it as a means for searching for her. Ahrele continued to take science classes as well as tactical and piloting classes. She wanted to make sure she had all the skills necessary to rescue her sister. Not long after Ahrele graduated from the academy, the Cardassian government was overthrown and Ariell was rescued from her prison. Ahrele was soon reunited with her sister. Ahrele requested to be posted on the same ship as her sister, and Starfleet honored her request.

SD 9406.20 Posted to the USS Galileo
SD 9604.20 Starfleet Transfer to the USS Lothlorien as a LTJG
SD 9605.03 Promoted to Full Lieutenant
SD 9605.10 Demoted to Chief Petty Officer after disciplinaray action was taken concerning incident on DS9.
SD 9605.17 Restored to rank of Full Lieutenant
SD 9606.21 Promoted to First Lieutenant
SD 9606.28 Received Bronze Star for Meritorious Conduct in the face of danger and the return of the notorious Maquis captain Joseph Becker.
SD 9609.06 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
SD 9609.16 Transferred to the USS Columbia
SD 9610.08 Promoted to Commander of the SOG
SD 9611.24 Transferred to the USS Darmok as its XO under FCptTnagra
SD 9612.20 Promoted to Captain
SD 9701.10 Assumed command of the USS Darmok
SD 9806.19 Promoted to Commodore and made a member of HC.
SD 0008.25 Promoted to Rear Admiral
SD 0201.18 Promoted to Vice Admiral

USS Galileo- Ahrele was posted as Asst Science Officer under Capt Lufton. Cmdr Lufton had been Ahrele's good friend and mentor throughout her time at Starfleet Academy.
USS Lothlorien- Ahrele was posted as Chief Science Officer under Capt Scott and CmdrTnagra
Starfleet's SOG- Ahrele was given Co-Command of the SOG. Due to her cloning on SD9611.12, Ahrele requested a transfer.
USS Darmok- Ahrele was posted as First Officer under the command of Fleet Captain Tnagra, then on SD9701.10 FCpt Tnagra retired turning command of the Darmok over to Ahrele

Ahrele has strong telepathic abilities especially where her sister is concerned. The closer she is to her sister, the stronger she is able to read her sister's thoughts and emotions. She uses the mind control techniques she learned on Vulcan to give herself and her sister some privacy from each other, and has taught her sister some of these techniques as well.
Following an accident in which the Darmok crashed onto a planet out of phase, Ahrele's link with Ariell was severed. Although they can sense each other's thoughts and presense when within close proximity, their unique link has never been reestablished.

While at the Vulcan Science Academy, Ahrele met and fell in love with a Terran named Kevin T. Austin. They were engaged to be married when Ariell disappeared. Ahrele joined Starfleet putting their wedding plans on hold. Kevin became friends with a man named Joseph Becker, a known Maquis operative, and became involved with the underground group. On Stardate 9404.12, Kevin was captured and tortured by the Cardassian Obsidian Order. The Maquis, though they knew that Kevin was alive for two weeks after his capture, chose not to try a rescue him for fear of more members being taken hostage. Kevin's body was found floating in space near the Badlands on Stardate 9404.26. It was believed that he was left there as a warning to other Maquis crew members.
Cadet Ahrele took a leave of absence from Starfleet following the death of her fiance, but was able to make up the required coursework in time to graduate with her class. Starfleet psychologists felt that Ahrele would eventually come to terms with Kevin's death and did not recommend any long term counseling, however, they did recommend that she not be placed on a ship near the Cardassian boarder until after the first anniversary of Kevin's death.
On SD9606.07, in a private ceremony, Ahrele became a Klingon blood sister with crew mate and friend, J'Lena Doran.
Although Ahrele has demonstrated herself to be a conscientious officer, she reacts impulsively, occasionally disobeying orders in the process. Ahrele is extremely loyal to family and friends, and will go to great lengths to protect them, consequently has developed a reputation for inviting trouble.
Ahrele has one pet. A terran cat by the name of Benson whom she acquired when the Darmok's former 2nd officer, Trista Habrondona, disappeared into an alternate universe. Benson was placed into temporary custody of T'Kala, but when T'Kala attempted to go after Trista and she too disappeared, Ahrele brought the cat into her quarters. Benson is a black, domestic longhair.
Over the years that Ahrele worked under Tnagra, she developed a great respect for him and over time, her feelings grew deeper. Following his retirement from Starfleet, Ahrele began a relationship with Tnagra that continues today, though they have few opportunities to see each other. Tnagra served as an instructor at Starfleet Academy and Ahrele looked forward to trips to Earth so that she could spend some time with him, however, Tnagra was given a command of a deep space mission. Tnagra went AWOL for several days in order to find and tell Ahrele that he would be leaving on the extended tour. His departure left Ahrele depressed and despite her efforts, she has been unable to get any information about Tnagra's whereabouts. On SD 0012.29, Ahrele had a telepathic experience during which she was contacted by Tnagra. The Flt Captain's ship had exploded and certain that his death was near, he contacted Ahrele to say goodbye before his escape pod disappeared in a transwarp conduit. Despite Ahrele's ability to describe Tnagra's mission though never having been informed of it, Starfleet would not accept her experience as fact, believing instead it to be a dream or hallucination. Tnagra's ship is listed MIA.

Update: Tnagra was found on SD0201.07, a prisoner aboard a Borg vessel. Found along with him was her former first officer, Damara Seven, who had been reassimilated back into the collective. Both officers were returned to Earth for treatment.


On SD9611.11, Ahrele was kidnapped by terrorists while returning back to Starbase {Classified} after a birthday celebration on Betazed. In an attempt to infiltrate the SOG, a group of terrorists kidnapped Ahrele and using cloning techniques created a second Ahrele Johannson. Through neural programming, the terrorists hoped to control the clone and place her back into the SOG and to extract secret information from the original Ahrele Johannson that could be used against the Federation. Although the cloning took place, the attempt at neural programming was unsuccessful and the clone was able to escape. In an attempt to hide from the terrorists, the Ahrele clone found the original Ahrele locked in a cell. The two were able to escaped and contact the SOG, which initiated a rescue attempt. After returning back to their base, Ahrele contacted Starfleet to ask for permission to be transferred to an XO position aboard a starship. Starfleet honored her request, leaving Ahrele's clone to continue her duties with the SOG.
The clone of Ahrele Miranda Johannson was believed to have been killed, along with Joseph Becker, when the SOG went in to shut down a Maquis base. It has since been discovered that neither the clone nor Becker died during that mission. The two were rescued by the Darmok from a Cardassian prison camp. The clone, who is now using the name Miranda, formed a relationship with Joseph Becker during their incarceration. She managed to steal a shuttle from the USS Federation and beam Becker off the Darmok before he could be turned over to Federation authorities. The two later kidnapped Ahrele and attempted to use the Darmok to steal a new weapon that was in the possesion of the Pakleds. Joseph and Miranda were able to escape. At the time of their escape, Miranda was pregnant with Joseph's baby and due to give birth at or around SD9809. Three and a half years later, Ahrele was made the legal guardian of their child, Mara Becker, after the disappearance of Joseph and Miranda Becker. Mara lived with Ahrele for over a year when she was kidnapped while the two of them were visiting family on Betazed.

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