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Nick: Aaron_Riedinger
Nick: Aaron_Riedinger
Nick: Aaron_Riedinger
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Lieutenant Image
Lieutenant Aaron Riedinger
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 20 to 25
   Height: 173 - 180 cm
Eyes: Light Blue, Medium / Small
Hair: Brown, Medium
Skin: Pallid
Distinct Features: Head: Moustache
Build/Posture: Thin, Normal
Clothing: Standar Starfleet Uniform
Accessories: A gold ring in the middle finger of the left hand
Equipment: -
Vocal Quality: Smooth
Duty Status: Active
Name: Aaron Riedinger
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Asst. Chief Engineer
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Darmok

Biography for Lieutenant Aaron Riedinger

LAST UPDATE: SD 201811.10

NAME: Riedinger, Aaron.
RANK: Lieutenant.
ASSIGNMENT: Engineering Officer, USS Darmok.
DEPARTMENT: Engineering.

{ =#= } { =O= }


Species: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 21.
Height: 1.74 mts.
Weight: 69 kg.
Eyes: Light blue.
Hair: Brown, short.
Skin: Pantone 50.4 C.
Build: Thin.
Voice: Tenor.


Father: Raphael Riedinger, currently a independient periodist.
Mother: Mayra Gonzalez, former painter and musician, now just housemaker.
Siblings: One Brother, Julius Riedinger, younger, and currenly studying in the Andorian Art Academy.
Marrital State: Single, no childrens.
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States, Earth.

Aaron born on Chicago, but at the early age of three years old, he and his family moved to Barcelona, Spain, due to a work offer that his mother receive there. Two years later than their moved, Aaron's brother, Julius, was born. He passed all his childhood in Barcelona, while his mother was working on a Art Academy and his dad as periodist. But eventually, with all the notices of "the people of the space" he starts to grew a magnificient interest in the Starfleet and all the "space things". His father never liked the Starfleet and all the things related with them; he never left the Earth (and without him, neither Aaron and the rest of his family) and he was always saying than he were more than happy in "The Paradise". That resentment of Raphael comes from his childhood, when he lost his father, that was a helmsman on a Starfleet vessel. Since the moment he heard the news about his father's death, he blamed the Starfleet. A golden ring was turned the most valued souvenir that he conserved from his father.

When Aaron had the age, he went to a Technical School in Barcelona. His mother supported he's desicion, but he's father wanted him to study Art, like his mother, because he don't wanted his son to study nothing that can potentially ended on the Starfleet. But Starfleet was the real objective on Aaron's mind. On the school, Aaron starts to had very good notes and begins to develop a "love" for fixing and inventing things. He dedicated the most of his time on the school, always with the Starfleet illusions on his mind. But the Starfleet objective wasn't what he said to his father. Aaron and his mother, Mayra, "cheat" Raphael, making him believe that Aaron was studying on the purpose to work on a big company of Barcelona. When Aaron ends the school and decide to enroll on the Starfleet Academy, his father couldn't believe it. In the moment that Raphael discovers that Aaron and Mayra were lying to him, he get very angry and nearly causes a divorce from his wife. Aaron and his father didn't talk each other for a lot of years because of that, but he always maintained a good relationship with his mother. Raphael was away for a couple of months after he knew that his wife has lying to him. But Raphael calmed down when he knew that, with the help of Mayra, Julius received a scholarship from the Andorian Art Academy. That fact made Raphael come back home and started to reconcile with Mayra.

On the Starfleet Academy, Aaron went directly to the Engineering Division. He dedicated the mostly a his time to the study, because he consider that stay in the Academy was a privilege. One of the moments that Aaron remember the most of the Academy, was the first time that he went to space, where he was terribly amazed to see the Earth from that position. In he's graduation, he found that his father and mother were there. The both congraluted him, and after a long talk Aaron and his father manege to reconcile. Raphael was still afraid of Aaron's fate in the space, but he understand that, as a grown man, Aaron could choose his path. He gave Aaron the golden ring that belonged to his father, to wish he luck on his adventures on the space.


SD 201807.20: Arrives at the USS Darmok as an Ensign. Assigned as an Engineering Officer.

SD 201808.31: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, as an Engineering Officer at the USS Darmok.

SD 201811.09: Promoted to Lieutenant, as an Engineering Officer at the USS Darmok.


{ =O= } The Captain's Commendation for "Touring the Ship" on his First Day, the "Highest Number of Logs for an Ensign", and remarkable dedication to his duties: Awarded when Lt. JG., USS Darmok, SD 201809.07.

{ =#= } The Silver Medallion for exceptional attendance: Awarded when Lt. JG., USS Darmok, SD 201809.07.

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