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The following is a list of the 165 posted members registered at the USF Computer Core, listed in alphabetical order by Simulation.

For information on where a Simulation meets, check the Simulation Schedule.

Outpost Phoenix Starbase Everest Starfleet Academy USS Aldrin
USS Ares USS Columbia USS Darmok USS Excelsior
USS Federation USS Hermes USS Independence USS Lothlorien
USS Odyssey USS Roddenberry ~ Admin ~ ~ Staff ~

Outpost Phoenix

Sunday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Captain Arzie, Kaveh
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant/Dr Avirett, Eli Trenton

Corporal Kozlov, Nikolai Valentin
Marine Detachment

First Lieutenant Laryn, Koe
Security officer

Ensign MacArdry, Ciaran Alasdair
Medical Officer

Petty Officer MacArdry, Eachan Michon
Starfleet Combat Medic

Lieutenant Commander Masterson, Noah
Chief Operations Officer & Acting Executive Officer

Lieutenant Neko, Heiwa
AIM SN: Nekoheiwa

Ensign Pix, Kajen Duas
Science Officer

Lieutenant Simpson, Gabrielle
Engineeering Officer

Starbase Everest

Saturday @ 8:00p - Webchat

Ensign Barron, Kale Edward
Operations cadet

Lieutenant Commander Blackford, Eric
Chief Of Security

Ensign Dancing-Leaf

Captain Darz, Adrenna
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Darz, Ailana
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Jinnis, Alenis
Engineering Officer

Ensign M'ret, Taal Amil

Civilian, Foster-child

Ensign Sheme, Tiger
Assistant Science Officer

Lieutenant Commander Styles, Malachi Jacob
Chief Science officer & Acting Executive Officer

Starfleet Academy

Saturday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Cadet Brax, Minerva Brandi
Medical cadet

Cadet DePetris, Francis Lee

Fleet Captain Edin

Cadet Foster, Severa
Security Major & Medical Minor

Captain Janseen, Rhea Chandra
Commanding Officer

Cadet Jona, Daniel Kenneth
Cadet - Junior

Malfoi, Hermia Minuet

Cadet McCaffrey, Katelyn Sierra
Security/Tactical Major

Cadet NightWind to-Sivao
Medical Cadet

Cadet Nogura, Chester Hideo

Cadet (freshman) Rel, Barak Teven
unspecified major

Lieutenant Commander Rinaldi, Lucia Maria

Commodore Severine, Rosanna Lucienna
Retired Dean

Cadet Sheme, Flower
first year cadet

Cadet Terek
Science cadet

Cadet Tumar, Kobor

Cadet th'Hanera, Soan
Security cadet

USS Aldrin

Monday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Lieutenant Boerne, Eileen
Chief Science Officer

Commodore Brent, Jonas Nathaniel
FR - USS Aldrin

Lieutenant Commander Deniaud, Marielle Antoinette
Chief Engineering Officer & Second Officer

Lieutenant Elkhorn, Rayna L
Operations Manager

Lieutenant Junior Grade Higgs, Riley Danielle
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade K'Trevala, Night Wing
Chief Medical Officer

Commander K'hevok
Executive Officer

First Lieutenant Kim, Jordan Jai

Ambassador Naal, Cersei Anya

Commander Nazir, Yari Matthias

Commander Nazir, Yari Matthias

First Lieutenant Salieri, Gideon Massimo
Chief Of Security & Tactical

Lieutenant Commander Ty, Kato
Helmsman & Intelligence Officer

Doctor Vaeros, Erik Jameson
Head Ship's Counselor & Medical

Captain Xiaoyen, Dion
Commanding Officer

USS Ares

Wednesday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Lieutenant Brott, Knomik
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Commander Jayde, Mahala Koyu
Acting Executive Officer & Chief of Security

Ens MacArdry, Lochlann Jass
Doctor & Counselor

Fst Lieutenant T'Kara
Chief Medical Officer

USS Columbia

Monday @ 9:00p - Webchat

Captain Fjori, Jhalen Steven
Commanding Officer & Chief of Research & Development

Lieutenant Mahrek of House Kehdar
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Moonshadows
Chief Engineering Officer

USS Darmok

Friday @ 10:00p - AOL/AIM Chat

Commander Akarn
Reconn Officer

Commander Chall, Jadzia
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Ciamli, Ameena Sedar
Assistant Security Officer

Lieutenant Freebyrd, Scott Anthony
Science Officer

Vice Admiral Johannson, Ahrele Oliver
Commanding Officer

Ens. MacArdry, Bevin Sile

Reverend Markov, Alexander Dmitri
Chaplain & Nurse

Lieutenant Maxwell, Duo
Chief Security Officer

First Lieutenant Nomra, Kilj
Chief Engineer

Commander Oliver, Jason Spencer

Lieutenant Commander Redhawk, Heather
Operations Officer

Ensign Rul, Zorak ir-Kihai
Engineer & Scientist

Ensign Strife, Cloud Maximus

Doctor Tama, Kai

First Lieutenant Torosi, Leyva T'Mai
Science Officer

USS Excelsior

Sunday @ 9:00p - Webchat

First Lieutenant Avatis, Liam Shanti
Operations Chief

Lieutenant Chim'logh, Baela G'Tora

Ensign Dhulee, Melisse Lauren
Science -- Xenobotany and Xenobiology

Commander Harris, Stacey Bones
Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer

Holden, Elias Randall
Adopted son of Captain Michael Holden

Captain Holden, Michael Alan
Acting Commanding Officer

Commander Lobren, Zarian
Chief Tactical/Security Officer

Adopted child of the McMillian's

McMillian, Malinda Rose
Child of Peter McMillian and N'Tazzia

First Lieutenant McMillian, Peter
Chief Tactical Officer

Cadet McMillian, T'Valra
Science Officer

Lt. Commander N'Tazzia
Chief Counselor

Lieutenant j.g. Other, Thaddeus

Bartender in 12 Forward

Lieutenant jg Storak
Science officer

Ensign T'Radt

Counselor N'Tazzia's younger sister

Captain Trellis, Joshua
Commanding Officer

Waite, Helen Marie

Lt. Commander Wolfe, Steve
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Zuniga, Zachary Zefram
Exobotanist & parttime Counselor

USS Federation

Sunday @ 11:00p - Webchat

Lieutenant Blackfyre, Daeniri
Chief of Science

Lieutenant Drachen, Miaka Nathalie

Fleet Captain Hawks, Stewart
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Savage, Joshua
Security Officer & Tactical Officer

Healer/ Doctor Siryn
Healer/physician - civilian

Commander Smith, Jade Silver
Second Officer & Tactical

Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Far
Science Officer

Ensign Vega, Tiffany Ilanu
Communications Officer

USS Hermes

Tuesday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Ensign Daktris

Commander Durandus, Kayshl
Executive Officer & Chief Tactical Officer

First Lieutenant Grimsdottir, Kristjana
Chief of Tactical & Chief of Security

Lieutenant Jaraq, Olson
Tactical Officer

Ensign Ryan, Katrista Egwene

First Lieutenant Swift, Leonard Korell
Chief Medical Officer

First Lieutenant Tanok
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Truce, Sandra Paige

Doctor Vaeros, Erik Jameson
Ship's Counselor

Doctor Vaeros, Erik Jameson
Ship's Counselor

Doctor Vaeros, Erik Jameson
Ship's Counselor

Lieutenant Junior Grade Zomaii, Kiki
Science Officer

USS Independence

Thursday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Lieutenant JG Chaplin Zanzibar, Kirei Nozomu
Science Officer

Lt. Commander Cloud, Travis

Lieutenant Commander Cloud, Trevor
Cheif Engineering Officer & Helm Officer/Second Officer

Lieutenant Edwards, Jacob Benjamin
Chief Tactical/Security


Ensign Harris, Patsy

First Lieutenant Labelle, Dani
Science Officer

First Lieutenant Laurie, Raeyana Arron
Chief Science Officer & Assistant Tactical/Security Officer

Dr. McLain, Valeria Bronwyn

Captain McMahon, Adam
Commanding Officer

Ensign Omaie, D’rayaek Aun

Ensign Sanders, Jennifer Megan

Lieutenant Sanders, Paul Christopher
Acting Chief Tactical/Security

Lieutenant Junior Grade Shaw, Ethan B.
Operations Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Siboyze 183
Assistant Engineer

Dr. Smee, Averona

Ensign Zebones, Leigh
Assistant Tactical Officer

USS Lothlorien

Friday @ 9:00p - Webchat

LTJG Barlow, Jacob Dylan John

Ensign Books, Terry Dean

Captain Crain, Cay'Leb Oscar
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Jona, Ray Christopher

Ens K'Trevala, Shadow Wind

USS Odyssey

Saturday @ 9:00p - Webchat

Lieutenant Junior Grade Cortex Mendoza, Rosita
Assistant Chief Of Security

Ambassador Cortez-Mendoza, Roberto Santiago

Ensign Faire, Thelim Ch

Lieutenant Junior Grade Hidewara, Takaguchi Sātoru
Security/Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Jecht, Nelson Thaddeus
Chief Engineer of the USS Odyssey

Ensign Karr, Alrand
Assistant Engineer

Doctor MacArdry, Kaylia Moraig

Captain Markson, Jake
Commanding Officer

Admiral Mason, Periwinkle

Ensign Mellisari, Mellisari None

Lieutenant Commander Suavek
Executive Officer

USS Roddenberry

Tuesday @ 8:30p - Webchat

Lt Grey, Byrk

Ensign Langsbury, Ariella Alaryse
Operations Officer & Helmswoman

First Lieutenant Leónsbanner, N'alae
Chief Medical Officer & Counselor

Lieutenant Commander Lescoe, Charles Gordon
Head of Security

Lieutenant Junior Grade London, Jack

First Lieutenant MacIntyre, Beaumont Jethro
Chief Tactical Officer/Acting Chief Of Sec.i

Lieutenant Rozho, Zeyahl
Tactical Officer & Second Officer

Captain Sovak
Commanding Officer

Ensign Watts, David
Engineering Officer

Lieutenant Zeyahl

~ Admin ~

Rear Admiral Booker, Shane
High Command PR Dept. & Fleet Rep for SOG, Darmok

Rear Admiral Clemens, II, Robert A

FltCapt Hawks
Fleet Rep for USS Lex, Ares

Commodore Packard, Ray
High Command - Publications & Fleet Rep: OPX; USS Odyssey

Admiral USFCaitlin
High Command

~ Staff ~

Vice Admiral Anders, Jonathan
Webmaster, Coremaster, Botmaster, Postmaster


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