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The following is a list of the 159 posted members registered at the USF Computer Core, listed in alphabetical order by Simulation.

For information on where a Simulation meets, check the Simulation Schedule.

Outpost Phoenix Starbase Everest Starfleet Academy USS Aldrin
USS Ares USS Columbia USS Darmok USS Excelsior
USS Federation USS Hermes USS Independence USS Lothlorien
USS Odyssey USS Roddenberry ~ Admin ~ ~ Staff ~

Outpost Phoenix

Sunday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Fleet Captain Arzie, Kaveh
Commanding Officer

Ensign Behr, Lukas Mikel
Operations & Tactical

Ensign Gavril, Ekret
Doctor/Jr. Medical Officer.

Kolris, B'Kala Daughter of Kolris

Corporal Kozlov, Nikolai Valentin
Marine Detachment

Ensign MacArdry, Ciaran Alasdair
Medical Officer

Petty Officer MacArdry, Eachan Michon
Starfleet Combat Medic

Commander Masterson, Noah
Executive Officer & Chief Engineering Officer

Ensign Mazzi, Tomas Ilario
Engineering Officer

Lieutenant Neko, Heiwa
AIM SN: Nekoheiwa

Ensign Pix, Kajen Duas
Science Officer

Doctor Vasari, S. Jane
Medical Officer

Ensign Vocke, Sherilyn Kamin

Starbase Everest

Saturday @ 8:00p - Webchat

Ensign Barron, Kale Edward

Ensign Dancing-Leaf

Fleet Captain Darz, Adrenna
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Darz, Ailana
Chief Medical Officer

Ensign M'ret, Taal Amil

Foster child (NPC)

Ensign Nokio, Della
Science officer

Counselor Onala, Stair Jaquin

Civilian, Foster-child

Ensign Sheme, Tigerlily
Assistant Science Officer

Lieutenant Commander Styles, Malachi Jacob
Chief Science officer & Acting Executive Officer

Tayla, Moranne Nelae
Operations Officer

Starfleet Academy

Saturday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Cadet Aliki
First Year, Counseling Major

Cadet Brax, Minerva Brandi
Medical cadet

Davis, Eliza
Undecided Major

Cadet DePetris, Francis Lee

Cadet Foster, Severa
Security Major & Medical Minor

Captain Janseen, Rhea Chandra
Commanding Officer

Cadet Jona, Daniel Kenneth
Cadet - Junior

Malfoi, Hermia Minuet

Cadet McCaffrey, Katelyn Sierra
Security/Tactical Major

Cadet NightWind to-Sivao
Medical Cadet

Cadet Nogura, Chester Hideo

Cadet Rel, Barak Teven
major counseling, minor security

Lieutenant Commander Rinaldi, Lucia Maria

Cadet Shandari

Cadet Sheme, Flower
first year cadet

Professor Trumbull Ph.D., Arliss Simon
Academy professor

Cadet Tumar, Kobor

Cadet th'Hanera, Soan
Security cadet

USS Aldrin

Monday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Lieutenant Boerne, Eileen
Chief Science Officer

First Lieutenant Briggs, Amber Lynn

Lieutenant Commander Bryton, Elias Issac

Lieutenant Ciamli, Ameena Sedar
Assistant Security Officer

Lieutenant Commander Deniaud, Marielle Antoinette
Chief of Research & Development

Lieutenant Elkhorn, Rayna L
Operations Manager

Lieutenant Junior Grade Higgs, Riley Danielle
Science Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade K'Trevala, Night Wing
Chief Medical Officer

Commander K'hevok
Chief of Engineering & Second Officer

Doctor Kalmaku, Xian
Assistant Science Officer

Ambassador Kivo, Mavelle Katara Rand

Doctor Mallister, Tytian Regan
Assistant Medical Officer

Fleet Captain Naal, Cersei Anya
Commanding Officer

Commander Nazir, Yari Matthias
Executive Officer & Director

Lieutenant Junior Grade Otretal, Esdan

Doctor Ravel, ba'Talia
Doctor & Counselor

Lieutenant Commander Rhaik, ShaeLin
Director of Counterintelligence

Lieutenant Commander Salieri, Gideon Massimo
Chief Of Security & Tactical

Lieutenant Commander Shepherd, Edgar Leonardo
Engineering Officer

Lieutenant Tanaja, Saari Jayde
Engineering Officer

Doctor Vaeros, Erik Jameson
Head Ship's Counselor & Medical Officer

Lieutenant Vir, Emry

USS Ares

Wednesday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Anderson, Miaka S.
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Brott, Knomik
Chief Engineer

Ens MacArdry, Lochlann Jass
Doctor & Counselor

Commander Matsugami, Sayuri Mae
Executive Officer

USS Columbia

Monday @ 9:00p - Webchat

Captain Fjori, Jhalen Steven
Commanding Officer & Chief of Research & Development

Lieutenant Mahrek of House Kehdar
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Moonshadows
Chief Engineering Officer

USS Darmok

Friday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Vice Admiral Johannson, Ahrele Oliver
Commanding Officer

Ens K'Trevala, Shadow Wind

Ensign MacArdry, Bevin Sile
Engineering Officer

Lieutenent Mardil, Theseus James
Acting Chief of Security & Tactical
AIM SN: Fullmetalavery

Marine Captain Patterson, Travis Alexander
Reconn Intercept Officer & Marine Security

Lieutenant Commander Redhawk, Heather
Operations Officer

Ensign Sehl, Zoril
Science Officer

Ensign Spearhorse, Dean Martin
Security And Tactical Officer

Ensign Storm, Mason Jaylex

Lieutenant Commander Thibodeaux, Desiree Erzulie
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Commander Ty, Kato
Reconn Systems Officer & Second Officer

Commander Xiaoyen, Devon
Executive Officer

USS Excelsior

Sunday @ 9:00p - Webchat

Commander Carishai
Executive officer

Lieutenant Chim'logh, Baela G'Tora

Ensign Dhulee, Melisse Lauren
Science -- Xenobotany and Xenobiology

Lieutenant J.g. Gar, Sierra Amelia

Commander Harris, Stacey Bones
Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer

Holden, Elias Randall
Adopted son of Captain Michael Holden

Captain Holden, Michael Alan
Commanding Officer

Commander Lobren, Zarian
Chief Tactical/Security Officer

Adopted child of the McMillian's

McMillian, Malinda Rose
Child of Peter McMillian and N'Tazzia

First Lieutenant McMillian, Peter
Chief Tactical Officer

Cadet McMillian, T'Valra
Science Officer

Lt. Commander N'Tazzia
Chief Counselor

Bartender in 12 Forward

Lieutenant j.g. Steel, Dante

Lieutenant jg Storak
Science officer

Ensign T'Radt

Counselor N'Tazzia's younger sister

Ensign Varok

Waite, Helen Marie

Lt. Commander Wolfe, Steve
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Yar, Amira Myridia

Lieutenant Zuniga, Zachary Zefram
Exobotanist & parttime Counselor

USS Federation

Saturday @ 11:00p - Webchat

Commander Calvin, Floyd
First Officer

Ensign Ezrep, Shenyl
Science Officer

Commodore Hawks, Stewart
Commanding Officer

Ensign Inomata, Tetsuo

Lieutenant Ozimov, Vladimir
Acting Chief Engineering

Ensign Reeves, Tara Lynn
Security Officer

Lieutenant Savage, Joshua
Security Officer & Tactical Officer

Healer/ Doctor Siryn
Healer/physician - civilian

Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Far
Science Officer

USS Hermes

Tuesday @ 10:00p - Webchat

LTJG Carmello, Tapal
Tactical/Security Officer

Commander Durandus, Kayshl
Executive Officer & Physician/Surgeon

First Lieutenant Grimsdottir, Kristjana
Chief of Tactical & Chief of Security

Commander Kirk, Jr., James
Acting Commanding Officer

Granted Rank Of Ensign Oix'lik

RunningWaters, Cassandra Diane
Chief Engineer

Ensign Ryan, Katrista Egwene

Lieutenant Commander Swift, Leonard Korell
Chief Medical Officer & Second Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Zomaii, Kiki
Science Officer & Research Director

USS Independence

Thursday @ 10:00p - Webchat

Lieutenant JG Chaplin Zanzibar, Kirei Nozomu
Science Officer

Lt. Commander Cloud, Travis
Helm officer & 2nd officer (AXO)

Lieutenant Commander Cloud, Trevor
Chief Engineer


Ensign Harris, Patsy

Dr. McLain, Valeria Bronwyn

Fleet Captain McMahon, Adam
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Siboyze 183
Assistant Engineer

Dr. Smee, Averona
Chief Medical Officer & Counselor

Ensign Zebones, Leigh
Assistant Tactical Officer

USS Lothlorien

Friday @ 9:00p - Webchat


USS Odyssey

Saturday @ 9:00p - Webchat

Lieutenant Junior Grade Cortex Mendoza, Rosita
Chief Of Security

Ambassador Cortez-Mendoza, Roberto Santiago

Ensign Faire, Thelim Ch

Lieutenant Junior Grade Hidewara, Takaguchi Sātoru
Security/Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Jecht, Nelson Thaddeus
Chief Engineer of the USS Odyssey

Doctor Kalmaku, LiMei
Assistant Science Officer

Ensign Karr, Alrand
Assistant Engineer

Ensign King, Rick

Commander Leavenworth, Salina Renee
First Officer & Commander Of The Air Guard

Doctor MacArdry, Kaylia Moraig

Captain Markson, Jake
Commanding Officer

Ensign Mellisari, Mellisari None

Chieftain/Devara Vetaan, Ulf
Chieftain/Devara of the Vetaan tribe

USS Roddenberry

Tuesday @ 8:30p - Webchat

Ensign Langsbury, Ariella Alaryse
Operations Officer & Helmswoman

First Lieutenant Leonsbanner, N'alae
Temp CMO & Counselor

First Lieutenant MacIntyre, Beaumont Jethro
Chief Tactical Officer/Acting Chief Of Sec.

Captain Sovak
Commanding Officer

Ensign Watts, David
Engineering Officer

~ Admin ~

FltCapt Hawks
Fleet Rep for USS Lex, Ares

Commodore Packard, Ray
High Command - Publications & Fleet Rep: OPX; USS Odyssey

Admiral USFCaitlin
High Command

~ Staff ~

Vice Admiral Anders, Jonathan
Webmaster, Coremaster, Botmaster, Postmaster


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