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The listing on only includes votes cast in the last 21 days.

The top USF Posts as determined by voters on the USF Core.
Vote at the bottom of any post. Yes, you can vote right now! Read a post and vote. Total Votes: 4188

The Top 19 Posts on USF Core

Top 10 Posts made in the Past Month

Other Posts that Have Been Voted On

these are randomly selected favorite posts that have votes but are not in the top listing.... yet. Vote on them!

The Top Post listings consists of posts voted on by those who choose to vote. The system uses weighted averages to determine ranking. The main purpose is to highlight posts of exceptional enjoyment which others may enjoy. It does not rank quality but merely popularity with the hope that the most popular posts are the highest quality. In the event posts are tied, the order for their position is at random (i.e. if 2 posts are tied for 1st place, they will display in a random order in the 1st and 2nd place positions)

The current mean of all votes is 3.94. Votes that appear to be duplicates cast by the same person may be disqualified. Currently, 102 posts have been voted on at least once. USF Voters are identified only by a number in the vote log. Voters are encouraged to vote on all posts they read (disliked or liked) so posts that are in the top listing are representative of all readers. Voting began on 200902.25, however, posts before this time may be voted on and included in the top listing. The "Top Postings" listing only includes posts that were made within the past year.

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