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Joint Sim Operation 2009 Awards


Military style ribbon

     This ribbon represents the joint effort of ten simulations to contribute and participate in an inter-fleet joint-sim that involved dozens of simmers.  The plot was developed over the course of many weeks to coincide with the release of the latest Star Trek movie.  It drew upon elements from the new Star Trek Movie, the associated Prequel Comic Book, the movie Novel, the resources of Memory-Alpha, and even the Star Trek Online Multiplayer Game history that is scheduled to be released in 2010.

     In short, this was a massive effort that resulted in a major event in Star Trek history being played out amongst many simmers in concurrence.

     The ribbon was created by Commander Havraha of Space Station Nigala and represents the different elements from the plot.  The wings symbolize Romulus and the yellow the Hobus Star.  The red represents the danger and destruction, with the green symbolizing the Romulan Empire.  The black bands for the sorrow around the many deaths caused by this event.  The blue represents the Federation, with the white bands indicating the peaceful nature of the mission.  Finally, the green band on the outside represents hope for the future.

     Those who participated in this feat are authorized to display the Hobus Relief Ribbon in relevant venues. 

Military Style Ribbon with hanging Medallion

     Finally, in recognition of their efforts to help bring the JSO Plot to fruition I'd like to acknowledge Commodore Clemens, Fleet Captain Booker, Captain Billings, Commander ni Sil Xix S'Vannis ni Ryr, Commander Loriarra, Commander Havraha, Lieutenant Junior Grade Solik, and Cadet Malachi Styles.  With my thanks they are hereby awarded the JSO 2009 Medallion.

Vice Admiral Anders
aka Captain Eric Praethen

JSO 2009 Sims                                  
USS Federation, Captain Hawks
USS Excelsior, Captain Praethen
USS Lexington, Fleet Captain Brent
USS Roddenberry, Commodore Packard
USS Hermes, Captain Billings
SS Nigala, Commodore Hirsch
Special Operation Group, Captain Maeve
USS Independence, Captain McMahon
USS Lothlorien, Fleet Captain Booker
USS Eagle, Commodore Fyrstk

Posted By: Vice Admiral Jonathan Anders Stardate: