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USF Announcement: Star Trek 09 Writing Contest Winners


Ladies and Gentlemen, hosts, crew and retired officers:
The results are in for the USF’s Star Trek 2009 writing contest. We had nine fantastic entries into the contest. The judges enjoyed reading every single one and it was difficult to choose just three winners. Actually, we ended up having a tie for second place so there’s actually four winners and if you count that one winning entry was a joint entry so there are five winners in the top three slots!    
I want to personally thank every person who entered the contest. The logs were well written and very entertaining to read. Every entrant should be very proud of their submission and I hope you’ll consider entering the next writing contest.
So, without further commentary on my part, let me announce our winners:
First place: A different Destiny by Ensign Haven Laurent, Space Station Nigala

Second place: An Omni-Transmuting Dilemma by Commander Raelene LaCarr, USS Excelsior

Second Place: Storms by Commander Havraha cha'AAnikh, Space Station Nigala

Third place: Through Another’s Eyes by Lieutenant Benjamin Sinclair & Lieutenant Commander Bokari Kakulen, USS Aldrin

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Congratulations to our winners! They will be featured in the news item on the USF’s web page as well as receive a personal visit by yours truly!

Once again, my sincere thanks to all the submissions and my hearty congratulations to the winners of this contest.

Posted By: Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hanson Stardate: