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USF Announcement: Star Trek '09 Writing Contest


The United Space Federation presents a Fan Fiction writing contest based on the new Star Trek movie set to debut in theaters May 8th, 2009.

There’s a lot of hype about the new movie and prequels always make you wonder what else was going on behind the scenes. In this writing contest, we are asking you to write an original story about a fictional character set in the Star Trek universe during the movie’s time line. For USF members, this might be a story about your character’s ancestor and for Non-USF members this is a chance to tell a story about your very own character and what part he or she played in this very dynamic time in Starfleet history.    

There are tons of Fan Fiction web sites with stories set in the Star Trek universe. The USF has over a dozen message boards detailing stories of hundreds of characters in the Star Trek universe. This is your chance to enter your original story into our contest and be recognized for your writing talent.    

A panel of judges from the USF will choose first, second and third place winners. Winners will be featured in the News Items of the USF main web page at In addition, if any of the winners are a member of the USF, he or she will receive a personal visit from Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hanson at their character’s sim.    

Criteria for entrance into the Fan Fiction Writing contest:
• Be original and not include main cast characters from any of the ST series or movies (We don't want to mess with canon)
• Be set in the same time line as the new movie being released May 8th, 2009.
• Be at least 1200 words and no more than 6,000 words in length. (2-10 pages)
• Be posted to our designated message board by midnight on May 29th, 2009.
• Contestant must create an account on the USF website to enter.

There are two ways to enter, however you must have an account with the USF before doing so. You can either post your entry manually to the board which is located here: (If the link doesn’t work just copy and paste into your browser instead and it should work fine.))

Or, you can post by email using this address: ((Make sure to send the email from the same email address that you used to register an account with the USF core.))

Winners will be announced June 8th, 2009 on the USF’s main webpage, On behalf of United Space Federation and High Command I look forward to reading your story. Good luck!

Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hanson
United Space Federation
High Command, Public Relations Department

Posted By: Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hanson Stardate: