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Dear USF Hosts and Members,


I’m Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hanson, a member of High Command and the co-leader of the Public Relations Department of the United Space Federation. With the new Star Trek movie set to come out in just a couple weeks, the USF has created a new message board for discussion of the movie. I probably don’t need to tell you how important this movie is to the entire Star Trek franchise and how its success or failure could play a role in our little simming world. Star Trek fans everywhere watched in dismay as our hopes and dreams were dashed when Star Trek Nemesis failed in theaters. For too long we’ve watched Star Trek languish and this movie is said to revive the franchise.    

Please check out our new Message Board and share your thoughts and opinions about this new movie. It is the hope of all the members in High Command that this Message Board will generate new hits on our website and the possibility of new members to our simming world. New members are necessary for the continued sustainability of the USF. Please do your part by visiting the message board, sharing your opinions, and sending the site to your Star Trek friends both old and new! All your friends need to do is create an account with the USF and they will receive posting privileges. I've already made the first post and you'll want to read it right away because I make a confession that will rock the very foundation of all Star Trek fans!

Also, be on the lookout for my next email where I unveil a new contest set around the new movie. I hope you’ll enter to win fame and fortune…okay, well the winner will be featured in the News Section of our website and if a member of the USF will receive a visit to your sim by yours truly. Stay tuned for more details!

Thank you,

Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hanson

USF High Command

Public Relations

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Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hanson
USF High Command

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