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Fleet Announcements

Fleet Wide Announcements from USF's High Command.
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USS Ares
Welcome USS Vanguard to the USF Fleet
A New Captain for the Aldrin ~ Captain Naal is Now Ready!
The Rear is Back
Another once climbs the Ladder
Climbing the Ladder **IMP**
A New Member of High Command
Promotion Annoucement and new CO of USS Aldrin
USF's 15th Anniversary Party Invitation
The Aggie is moving!
New CO for the USS Ares!
USF Announcement: Star Trek 09 Writing Contest Winners
USF Announcement: Star Trek '09 Writing Contest
USF Announcement Star Trek 2009
USS Aldrin Time Change
Promotion Announcement! USS Hermes
New Night and Time for USS Avenger!
Congratulations to...
Welcome to the Asylum. . .
Congratulations to...
Make Room in the Fleet Captains' Wing
A retirement and a sim merger...
We've Moved!
Congratulations to...
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