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Promotion - Outpost Phoenix - SD 201804.15
Promotion - Outpost Phoenix - SD 201803.11
Promotions - Outpost Phoenix - SD 201804.08
Promotions - USS Aldrin, Stardate 201705.29
Promotion - USS Aldrin, Stardate 201704.17
Promotion - USS Aldrin, Stardate 201703.13
Promotion - USS Aldrin, Stardate 201701.9
Promotions - USS Aldrin, Stardate 201611.28
Promotions - USS Columbia
Promotion Stardate 201511.29
Promotion - Starbase Everest [SD 201507.19]
Promotion - Starbase Everest (Stardate 201411.23)
Two Officers Get A Bump Up The Chain! (Starbase Everest)
Promotion of Teayana Aquila
Malachi Styles Is Promoted To First Lieutenant!
The USF Academy welcomes a new Dean!
USS Independence gets a new XO!
Welcome Shane Booker to the Admirality
New CO
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