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Getting into biz

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Oll Fen'Ton
[Stardate ]


Outpost Phoenix 201809.04
Fan Ton, Civilian
PL - Finding the right ship

Fan Ton have settled into her apartment/office and hung out her shingle. She had enough money in the bank to buy a used freighter yet. She was on the local net several hours each day till she found a suitable ship. The vessel wasn’t the “prettiest girl in the ball” but on her budget checking the salvage yards had paid off.

She closed shop and headed to the yard. The Edosian stepped into the brakers office on a mission. She was here to save a freighter from becoming scrap metal.

After haggling with the frengi for almost a half an hour to give up one of his ships, Fan Ton was winning the battle of wills. The manager was a stubborn creature. “I can get 250,000 strips of gold pressed latinum for scraping out that ship.” he prompted.

Fan Ton’s heart jumped. “I will give you three times that you fool.” she snapped back.    

“What will you do for a crew? That old ship hasn’t been in service in five years. Just getting her back to flight status will be a job.” he sneered.

The Edosian pulled out her Data PADD to pull up her banking account. She put in her offer. 1000000 Credits. “The extra finances are for any equipment I need to get her back to space. I will worry about the crew.” she retorted offering the latinum driven money grubber the device for his biometric scan so the funds could be transferred to his account.”

The greedy little curmudgeon finally took her offer..    
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