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Personal Log Dr. Brett Reese: Backstory Part 6

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by Dr. Brett Reese
[Stardate ]


Time index: 11 years ago
Location: Starfleet Academy

Laying on the sidewalk bloody and violated, Brett watched him slither away. Her eyes burned with tears and sweat and she ached all over, but she gathered what strength she could to pick herself up off the ground. Slowly she stumbled back to the dorm. Thankfully her roommate had already left so Brett had the room to herself which was perfect because the last thing she wanted was someone asking a million questions. Sitting in the room in the dark she played Buckingham Nicks' song "Long Distance Winner" over and over. She went to the bathroom and tried to look in the mirror but couldn't turn the light on. Finally, she closed her eyes, "Lights." Slowly she looked up and saw herself. The left side of her face was starting to turn black and her chin was bloody from the large patch of skin missing where she slid against the pavement as... She tried to remove her top, but couldn't raise her arm. Being a doctor she knew she had to get help.    

20 minutes later she exited a cab in front of a clinic across town. "It's not Starfleet Medical, but it is private." Carefully she climbed the steps and entered. Thankfully there was a female nurse at the desk. "I only want a woman doctor," was all she managed to say before she collapsed. Thankfully the nurse caught her and with the help of an orderly took Brett to an exam room. Semi-conscious, Brett thought now the hard part begins...

Dr. Brett Reese
Medical Officer
Outpost Phoenix
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