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Personal Log Dr. Brett Reese: Backstory Part 1

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by Dr. Brett Reese
[Stardate ]

Login Setting: USS Hope 
Time Index: 6 yrs ago

Brett left sickbay and headed to her quarters. Since joining the Hope crew she had only ventured out to the mess hall not wanting to be too far from sickbay and her critical patient but with his recovery and release and the recovery of her most recent patient, she needed to sleep in a real bed. Rounding the last corner of her journey she taped the door console programing it to her bio signs and entered the dark room. 

"Lights," she said with an edge to her voice. Looking around her quarters were one room with a couch and coffee table on the right side of the room, a replicator in the wall to the right of the door as you entered and the bed on the left of the room opposite the sitting area, with the bathroom just past the bed. Not the Ritz but better than the Borg zombie land where she resided the last three months. Looking at the bed it dawned on her she had no clothes. This is the same uniform she had worn since she arrived and changed into scrubs for her initial surgery on Byrne. After, she found these waiting for her in her office compliments of the EMH. Since then she had slept on the couch in her office and clothes were the furthest thing from her mind. "I'm to tired to care now," she said out loud, as she kicked off her shoes and dropped her uniform on the floor by the bed keeping just her undershirt and underwear on. As she slipped into the crisp, soft sheets she dropped her bra on the top of the pile, turned onto her right side and hugged the pillow between her head and forearm. "Lights off," she mumbled and closed her eyes drifting off. 

"No," she screamed as she lay on her back still deep asleep, her arms at her side. She tried to lift them but some unseen force was holding them down. Again she tried to scream and pull free but there was no sound from her, only the movement of her mouth. Suddenly she jerked awake, her shirt darker from sweat and her face red as though she just finished a long run. Throwing her legs over the side of the bed, she sat with her head hung for a moment, sweat drops making a stain on the carpet at her feet. Checking the time on the night stand, it read 3 am. Going to the bathroom, she opened the sink and dunked her head as best she could in the basin and then looked around to get her bearings. The room was adequate but small. The sonic shower was to her right with towel rack on the small out crop between the counter and the shower. On her left was the toilet next to the door with storage in the wall above the toilet. There was a mirror over the counter and sink along the wall between the storage and the shower. "Damn it, not now. I can't deal with this now." She sat on the closed toilet with a towel over her head for several minutes trying to clear her mind but the memories from her dream would not leave, could not. Dreams are from the imagination but hers was not a dream but a flood of memories she had walled away until the exchange in sickbay and knocked a huge hole in that wall and now it was crumbling and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

"Lights," she said entering the main room and walking to the replicator. Taping a few buttons on the console she looked up her size. In her mental state she couldn't remember what size she wore, besides in her most recent post survival was more important and you wore what you could find no matter the size. "Computer, one reg medical uniform, undershirt, underwear women's 6, and socks women's 11." The computer chimed and the clothes materialized folded in a neat stack. "Don't get used to that," she replied sarcastically as she took the clothes and returned to the bathroom to take a much needed shower.

Around 4am Brett entered the mess hall that was peaceful and empty at this hour. Checking out the kitchen she found something that looked like coffee and made a pot. "Wow," she said making a face. "That'll grow hair everywhere." She took another sip, smacked a couple of times to get the fur off her tongue and took the carafe, her mug, and found a chair in the corner by window. She turned it facing the view and sat with her knees to her chest, coffee in hand, and just thought and tried to forget.

Leigh Rachal

Dr. Brett Reese
Medical Officer
Outpost Phoenix

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