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Blue Hawaii - Part V

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Fleet Captain Kaveh Arzie
[Stardate ]


Blue Hawaii - Part V

Rain beat heavily against the hull of the Thames as a tropical squall passed over the island Arzie and Ishae had crashed onto over a week ago. Plop-plop-plopplop-plop. A crude awning constructed over the runabout’s hatch allowed a fire to be kept going through the worst of the storm for the pair to cook various aquatic creatures they had been able to catch.

Arzie leaned back in the office chair he had moved out of the aft lounge an out onto their new ‘porch’ and whistled softly as he scrimshawed one of the large teeth that had belonged to their meal. He snorted in irritation at his own thoughts as he absent-mindedly dusted the tooth shavings from his brightly coloured Aloha shirt.

‘What’s festering in your mind today?’ A bored t’Lhoell baited her Master, not looking up as she continued her lesson; the occasional fat rain drop sploshing off her purple bikini top and beading up on her pale khaki board shorts.

‘Bah. The Kayores Institute’s rejection is bothering me.’ Arzie said through a flustered snort.

‘That was almost twenty years ago.’ The exasperated Romulan pointed out. ‘Let it go.’

Shaking his head in response Arzie sighed. ‘Leh, I had applied again this past Winter. Before we left, I had received yet another rejection from their offices.’ He let the vexation be heard in his voice. ‘Apparently now they feel that I am too wedded to Starfleet, having all but achieved a flag rank within it, and refuse to offer me admittance at any time in the future.’

The Apprentice merely shrugged. ‘Seems like an overly pretentious group. I’d say you’re probably better off without them if they’re being so priggish about it. I mean, really, what benefit would joining them have anyways?’

‘Resources,’ Arzie began. ‘Contacts, Funding, Publishing, Prestige.’

‘All things you have access to now, right?’

‘I suppose. . .’

‘And as for prestige,’ Ishae continued, ‘Why don’t you just form your own organization?

‘My own. . .?’

‘Ie. Your own scientific group.’ Isahe repeated ‘Certainly you’ve made contacts, associates, and peers (if not friends) in related fields. Call them up and start a group.’

‘t’Lhoell, that’s brilliant!’ Arzie exclaimed, dropping his scrimschaw and laser etcher. ‘You’re right, I have all the resources I need to get this rolling.’

Ishae shook her head as she continued reading from Tarnoc’s ‘Argument For Federation.’ A few short moments later, Arzie was back in the same chair, hastily typing notes on a PADD. Soon mission statements and organizational structures flowed, along with notes of associates and drafts of correspondences.
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