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A Special Holiday Feast

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by Chef Bobby Harris
[Stardate ]


Bobby took one last look at his menu and made just a few adjustments. This was going to be a holiday feast for the Fourth of July, something he never failed to celebrate back home. He wanted to bring a little of that to the outpost.
He got the grills out and primed them with olive oil. He had ordered specially for this feast some charcoal from Earth. He broke this out and made his stack in the bottom of each grill. Lighting them, he started his coals for cooking.
In his kitchen, he marinated steaks and shrimp in different marinades, both with the spicy kick New Orleans was known for. He also pulled out ground beef and created patties. Then he pulled out the stasis packed catfish and added a dry rub of spice to it. Finally he took some pork belly, pork loin, and his special blend of spice and ground it together and stuffed the sausages in casings for a special take on hot dogs.
One of his prep cooks was making hamburger buns and hot dog buns. Another was making apple pies, while still another was cutting up chilled fruit and melons for a fruit salad. His bartender was coming up with a line of drinks tempt any palate.
Checking on his grills, he was pleased when they were ready. Using a different grill for each kind of protein and yet another for grilling corn, potatoes, pineapple, peppers, onions, and lemons, he started cooking. He hummed some of his most favorite patriotic songs as he cooked. Since he was cooking outside, behind his café, the smells of the grilling meats and vegies floated throughout the outpost and started to draw custom.
He would be doing this feast for the entire week, that way no one would miss it. As the meat and vegies finished cooking, he put them in separate trays and took them back into the kitchen for plating. He had also special ordered wooden plates for serving to give a most rustic feel to the feast.
The menu itself allowed each person to pick from the various meats, as many or few as they wishes, as well as the grilled corn and/or potatoes with green salads and fruit salads along with a drink and finished with a slice of the bourbon apple pie either Dutch style with crumble or with two crusts and a choice of ice cream, whipped cream, or cheese.
For this holiday week, he hung red, white, and blue buntings from his marquee as well as around his café. He hoped that his feast was well received as it was more All-American and less New Orleans. All he could do was stay with his plan and if it didn’t go over well, at least he would have plenty of leftovers for gumbo or jambalya.

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