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Beginning of the End

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Ensign T'Mara & Ensign T'Mara
[Stardate ]


The fires burned in such quantity that black smoke billowed in great plumes blocking out any hope of sunlight. Once green lands of Rateg were now nothing but ash and flames.    

“Surem.. please she is a baby we can't just leave her here.”    

“We have no choice. She is not ours and..,”    

“Not ours? The child of my ..”    

“Your what? Your sister’s cousin’s third nephew? She is not our blood we must go before they come back.”    

The two fought over the head of the little girl as she peered up with wide dark brown eyes. Utterly unaware of the danger she was in as she sat beside the body of her mother in what was once their home.    

“Let me at least hide her”’ The woman moved before she could be stopped and hurried over to the baby not yet even old enough to sit. She moved to a cupboard and lay her inside wrapped in what remained if her blanket.    

The doors shut leaving her in darkness as the world around her fell. She had no memory of any of this. No idea that her family who she loved was not her family. The mother she knew had never felt her heartbeat inside her. There were rumors of course, the way T’Mara couldn't control her temper at times, that her eyes were just a shade darker than her father’s.    

She did not know until she arrived at the academy sitting across from the medical director who was going over her records.    

“ are from T’Paal?” The bespeckled man asked peering at her from above the rim of his bifocals.    

“Yes.” She replied in the cool monotone that most of her words were given.    

“Interesting… but you are not Vulcan?”    

“ I...I don't understand your question.” The crease of her brow furrowing as she looked at him.    

“Well your blood tests identify you as Romulan… not Vulcan.” He spoke as if this were the most obvious of things and she were a fool not to have known already.    

T’Mara’s jaw tightened as she looked at the papers trying to make sense of it in her head and knowing there was only one logical answer.    

“There has been a error in your lab perhaps. I am not Romulan as my records indicate.” She stood from her seat indicating that their conversation was over.    

The doctor was too old and too tired to argue with the girl and it made little difference anyway. Picking up his stylus and scrawling his signature across the paperwork labeling her officially “Vulcan”.
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