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Blue Hawaii - Part III

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Fleet Captain Kaveh Arzie
[Stardate ]


Part III

‘That could’ve gone better.’ Ishae observed dryly, dusting herself off as she exited from the crashed runabout.

‘Indeed.’ Arzie agreed. ‘However, it could have gone much worse, eh? The runabout isn’t going to lift off again, but at least it’ll still be a serviceable shelter.’ He said, adding, ‘And at least we got the return ping from Outpost Phoenix from our distress call, so we know they heard it, even if our subspace receiver is down.’

While his Apprentice grumbled a bit more, Arzie stood, arms akimbo, on the sun-kissed beach of a small island – a mere spit of land on the ocean world. They really had been quite fortunate. If one percent of Wierlee II’s surface was covered with land, that would be a generous estimation. Things could’ve been much worse.

Coming up behind her Master, Ishae looked up to the sky and made a quick nod. ‘What do you suppose that is?’

‘That’ was a giant ring-like object, clearly some kind of artificial satellite, orbiting above Wierlee II in an apparently geosynchronous orbit.    

The Catullan just shrugged and shook his head. ‘I don’t know. If sensors are still working on the Thames, I’d like to get them scanning it and sending the data back to the Outpost. No sense in a rescue ship ending up worse than us, eh?’

‘Ie. Sensors seem to be working fine.’ Ishae noted. ‘It was just propulsion and the receiver that took the hit coming in.’

‘Excellent. Let’s get ourselves something to eat, and get to those scans.’ The Catullan grinned, rubbing his hands together and gleefully heading back into the runabout.
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