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Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net image
Candlelight. (backdated)

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Ensign Sherilyn Vocke
[Stardate ]


SD 1804.13 (takes place before the current plot)

The Khadidran knelt on the floor of her quarters.  Cream coloured pillar candles surrounded her on all sides, the scent a rich vanilla with a hint of strawberry.  Her space was dark save for the dim light from the steady flames. The wax columns littered the other surfaces - her desk, tables, shelves.  Abstract paintings covered the walls, the furniture pushed to the sides to give her a large open space for her meditations. The temperature was low in her quarters to best mimic the underground landscape she had called home for most of her life.

She sat on her heels, her hands resting easily on her lower thighs.  Sherilyn was clothed in darkness, her eyes relaxed shut as she practiced low and deep breaths to find her center.  Light fabric draped loosely on her shoulders and hips. Her sensual native language rumbled breathily from her lips as she chanted.

It was a full moon - back home at least.  Such an occurrence was cause to thank the goddess for the waters that ran quicker through the caves.  The warrior women would be pausing from the bustle of their lives for the ritual. Sherilyn could see her mother taking a step back from the savet hide that she worked to create leather armor.  The science officer released a low hissing sigh as she noted her father in the background, the male useless in everything he did.

Her eyes opened and her mouth turned into a subtle frown.  Sherilyn stood fluidly and turned to make her way to the computer console.  She lowered into the chair and tapped to request a line of communication with Khadidra.  It was time to separate herself completely from the burdens of her family. She knew such a thing would isolate her from her home and culture.  Starfleet was hardly enough, but it was better than being an armor crafter in a dying society.

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