USF Personal Log
Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net image
Big Ship

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Nalakor
[Stardate ]



                Wow, with the big ship over us  like that, I could make a lot of Latinum  if Starfleet doesn't tear it up. Just got to help Starfleet. Contacting Grand Nagus and see if he wants the ship it would be a very good base ship for him. Got to contact grand Nagus then I am going to sell it even if we don't destroy it, I can take latinum and say that he was to late, and the transaction already done. Got to send a signal out now! I still have my books on hacking, engineering and pirating hidden on the outpost somewhere with Starfleet, Klingon and Orion's signatures. This is going to be fun! I also have a disruptor in a hidden place on my business  got to protect my self from criminals you know.

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