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The Ketchup Scandel

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Chef Bobby Harris
[Stardate ]


Today has been rather interesting. It began normally enough, making today’s special and normal menus, waiting on customers now that I’ve become a name here, and doing my normal every day thing. I did have a shudder moment when a customer asked for ketchup for a seafood boil. I mean really, ketchup on seafood? I have a several varieties of tomato based cocktail sauce from mild to spicy for dipping seafood. I also have the clarified garlic butter. I even broke down and offer either blue cheese or ranch for a creamier dipping. I guess some people either haven’t let their taste buds grow up or are unsure of my cooking and need a disguise. But I served the customer the ketchup as requested, against my better judgement.
Then as if the universe was passing judgement, the customer was called away for duty and I had to put her entire order in the warmer until she could actually sit down and enjoy it. Maybe the universe was commenting about ketchup on seafood. I don’t know.
Anyway, the reason the doctor was called away was a strange ship was landing right in the middle of the outpost; that in and of itself is highly unusual. I don’t yet know if I should be pouring more bourbon shots or hiding in the cellar, either way, it should be interesting to find out.

Chef Bobby Joe Harris

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