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by Lieutenant J. G. Kaitlyn Williamson
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Stardate: 201804.14

Open Personal Log

I have never before noticed just how lonely a large group of people can be. I’m not looking for romance; I’m not even close to being ready to settle down. But I would like to find someone that I can share a joke with or a meal or favorite books or favorite music, simple things. It’s just hard to find here when most everyone treats you like you are invisible, even while you are talking. It’s rather disconcerting.
Because of all the teasing I’ve been getting recently over my dietary preferences, I have been trying to branch out. I’m having trouble with all the different foods disrupting my digestive system. The nutrient dense algae that I have grown up on processed through the replicator into pretty much anything is much easier to digest, even when it’s shaped and tastes and acts like spicy enchiladas or chicken fried rice with egg roll. It isn’t that I don’t have a huge range of tastes that I like, it’s the base from which it was made that I have trouble with. I am doing what I can to learn to deal with it, but it is hurting my stomach to eat such a range of what others consider whole foods.    
Anyway, I’m thinking of creating a unique rose for this planet, cross pollenating naturally found flora with some from Earth to see what I can come up with. I’m hoping that I might actually make the ever elusive true blue rose. Many have come close with with off blues and dyes and purples and such, but the true blue rose has been attempted many times in many places but never fully achieved. It would be a personal triumph if I can achieve it.

End log

Lt jg Williamson

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