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Traloctor and Sretalor

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Nalakor
[Stardate ]


                Sretalor and Traloctor both D'Kora starships with each having a different refit for my needs. After I got both cloaking devices I started to research on power flucations and using the Traloctor as a detector and try to detect Sretalor which is a Warship/Science vessel. Long ago I used my biogenetic weapons that I made on Sretalor to wipe out a whole starbase full of Orions which I then blamed on the researchers for. Which almost got caught but barley made it out with both the Starbase as mine and Orions under my belt. First, had to get biogenetic weapons which I brought, sold, then stole materials for them. Second, I used Starfleet's own Prime Directive to which they couldn't interfere with civilizations and quoted the Ferengi been under the Prime Directive when we meet, they couldn't interfere with us. Starfleet in all of its knowledge did and I used that to get an Admiral in trouble and got paid in huge gains, don't care what happens to the Admiral. The Admiral in all his glory tried to interfere with a transaction of a bio chemical and I told him, I am reporting him to the Grand Nagus and told the Nagus this would influence all Ferengi been dealt with if transaction was not allowed to go through plus put the Grand Nagus in a state of fear saying "You are just a pawn in my game, listen or die" then ordered his guards to be taken out and used as pigs for my experiments away from the Grand Nagus. Which worked quite well. The fight didn't last very long where I stole biogenetic weapons from a hidden cache from a rival and fired them all against them. All but one was dead and the Nagus was worried about what happens next, the Nagus got knocked out and I had a blood biogenetic weapon that was from my experiments on my starbase that I got from the Orions which I then moved to a undiscovered system. Third, I then told the Orions that Romulan's were coming to wipe them out one day and found out through a series of fake events that I created on my science ship and spent incredible amounts of time sorting through and killing anyone who opposed the idea. Finally, I did the plan and killed some Ferengi involved which the crew of both stations and ships didn't like but I like killing just so I can get my point across and keep building my empire.  After I got the starbase I put into motion to move it with my fleet and it took years and I was getting impatient so I killed half the crew of Sretalor for not making necessary adjustments and it was almost to the undiscovered system. As you can guess by now I use slaves instead of workers. Brought them all from the Orions which a simple transaction is and not very costly if you kill some to get your point across. Which is why I started on an AI when I was very young, which runs both ships when I am not aboard and connected to a biogenetic bomb in all areas if orders from AI or not carried out which is why I wear two watches. One watch is to control collars on each individual that is deadly when I think about it, or very hurtful which stuns them and makes them do as I say and then when they wake up, I put a device in their brains which act as an instant kill, or a really bad headache, which all my watches have this feature built by me into them. Computers on both ship have links to both watches, which I can terminate slaves as necessary if they don't follow my rules of Acquisition. I even experimented on the Grand Nagus and put a blood biogenetic weapon in him which I give him headaches and also pain in all parts of his body if he doesn't listen to me, plus death when needed all hooked up to both ships and my watches.  

Traloctor is a warship with biogenetic weapons and torpedoes with a instant kill for all races which I deal business or have to put up with. All this is done before I even thought about this untouched and unnoticed business on Outpost Phoenix that equals profit if one knows Starfleet knowledge.  Traloctor, is also outfitted with phasers that fires a beam of pure gamma radiation and used against anyone who stands in my way of profit. Can't wait to see what this HU-Man outpost brings! 





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