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Making Friends is Hard to do.

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Lieutenant J. G. Kaitlyn Williamson
[Stardate ]


Personal Log
Stardate 201803.06

I went to the galleria today, just to wander around and get to know people. I stopped at various places, picking up a really cute vase in one shop and some fun fabric in another. I have been told to try real food and not the stuff I make from nutrient rich algae I grew up eating. So I stopped by this café and tried something called shrimp gumbo followed by an apple and pecan dumpling floating in rum whipped cream. I have to admit, it did taste good, if a little spicy and then boozy, but it was decent. I still prefer my algae made into my mother’s cheeseburger pie.
But as I wandered around, I tried to strike up conversations with others in the galleria and was either ignored or brushed off. I know it’s hard coming into a new place, but I haven’t had this much trouble trying to make friends before. It seems that no one even wants to give the new person a break and be nice. I just hadn’t realize this relatively new outpost had already closed ranks against anyone new coming in. I suppose I shall have to get used it though, at least until I can transfer to some place not quite so closed off to new people. Until then, I’ll just throw myself into my experiments and science and hope it’s enough to get me through.

End Log
Kaitlyn Williamson

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